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Welcome to – your professional business plan experts has been helping both recent and well-established firms, as well as new start-ups, develop highly professional business plans for more than ten years. In particular, all of our consultants at have:

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  • Outstanding business qualifications in relevant specialties (MBA, certified tax consultant or chartered accountants/auditors)
  • Excellent knowledge of the business plan requirements for various target audiences
  • Access to a long-standing, extensive database of comparative figures by industry and market
  • High rates of success when applying for loans, investment, lines of credit, etc.
  • Access to a nationwide network with over 60 offices ready to support the implementation of your business plan
  • Wide-ranging industry and market knowledge with extensive access to specialist research resources
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It would be our pleasure to help you draft your own professional business plan.

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Request your offer for the creation of a professional business plan provides advice and practical support for the development of business plans. We can provide you with an outline of the content you need to include and can work with you step-by-step to create a custom professional business plan for your start-up or existing business. We would be pleased to provide you with the advice you require to create the best business plan for your needs.

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Create a professional business plan with is one of the leading business plan consulting firms around the globe. We support existing companies of all sizes as well as entrepreneurs who have the next big idea. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. Headquarter

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With 60 partner offices, many well-known customers, 10 years’ specialization in creating business plans, broad industry knowledge, and our highly qualified consultants (MBAs,certified accountants and tax advisers), is one of the leading business plan consulting firms. >> Learn more about us here.


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Extensive business plan expertise

In our Business Plan Advisor our experts have compiled their extensive knowledge of business plans, with detailed explanations, sample plans, a lexicon of key vocabulary, and the extensive Guide to Raising Capital. –  Take a look at it here.


Business plans: the first step to running your own business

Getting your business idea up and running requires a business plan that is convincing to those who need to read it. This isn’t just something you need to write when applying for grants or financing. Your business plan should be the central planning document for your business. It not only helps you check the feasibility and profitability of your project, but also helps ensure you have the liquidity you need when you need it. Your business plan is something you create primarily for yourself as the entrepreneur and only then for your specific project. specializes in creating professional custom business plans. We can work with you in whatever way suits you best, since we know how to draft a business plan depending on your business plan objectives and addressee.

A full business plan from start to finish.

If you’re focused on other important tasks or you lack the expertise or confidence to create your own highly professional business plan, then our specialists will be happy to create an individualized business plan for your specific project. Whether you’re applying for grants, loans, or equity, our consultants know what each target audience wants to see and will tailor your business plan accordingly. As a result, you get a convincing, professional business plan that has the maximum chance of success.

Coming up with the numbers for your business plan.

You can write the text of your plan yourself and we’ll handle the important financial forecast for your bank loan or grant application. We’ll take your text and translate it into the corresponding figures for your industry. We have comprehensive expertise and an extensive database for many industries which allow us to provide you with realistic and comprehensible figures for pricing, cost, and sales calculations – a key criterion for third parties evaluating your business plan. The financial forcast shows how your company will grow in numbers.

A specialized review of your business plan.

Have you already created a business plan and financial forecast? Wonderful! In that case, our business plan specialists can give you valuable feedback before you submit it. Our experts will review your plan and suggest improvements that will increase your chances of getting approved. In the end, you can be sure that you won’t be rejected because of the quality of your business plan.
The exclusive focus at is business plans. Each year, we compile more than 300 highly professional business plans for a wide range of industries and projects. And we’ve been doing this successfully for over ten years.

The advantages and guarantees that come with working with the business plan specialists

Collaborating with’s specialists offers many advantages, for example:

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free initial consultation
  • Non-binding and individualized offer
  • Fair value for money
  • Extensive business planning expertise and experience
  • Precise knowledge of the needs of your business plan’s target audience
  • Large data base with qualified data for many industries
  • Large network of specialists from a wide range of industries
  • Reliability, speed, punctuality
  • Time savings because will draft your business plan in its entirety once we get all of the required information from you

Business Plan Sample

Here you can view a free business plan sample that we recently prepared for an IT-Security Consulting Company in California. Just view our Business Plan Sample here.





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How we work

When creating business plans, our only goal is your success. During our initial, free consultation, we will clarify your requirements and the objectives for your business plan. Based on this briefing, we then provide you with a tailor-made offer to create your business plan and an individual business plan price. Once you approve the budget, we’ll get down to it.

We’ll work together during a one-to three-hour meeting by telephone or in person where we will discuss your business idea and the objectives of your business plan. After this conference, you may need to provide us with some documents.

We will then use these to create a draft version of your business plan, which we will send to you via email. Look over the business plan at your leisure. If you have any comments or changes you want to make, just let us know. We want you to be 100% satisfied and will modify your business plan based on your feedback – never forgetting, of course, what makes for a highly professional business plan or the specific demands of your target audience.

Once your business plan is finalized, we will have it printed and bound professionally. The visual impression counts, especially when it’s supposed to given to third parties. You will also receive a digital copy of your final version so that you can use it as your central planning document.

How much does it cost to have specialists write a business plan?

A professional business plan is not free, of course. We will only be able to tell you the exact costs in the form of a non-binding offer after we have had our free initial consultation. Business plans differ in their type and scope, depending on the project and the industry, and the amount of time your plan will require will differ, too. A business plan is always individual, never standard. Be wary of cheap deals or low hourly rates. Although the low price is tempting, it often indicates a lack of quality. Don’t underestimate how much work has to go into creating a highly professional business plan. If you were to prepare one on your own, you could expect to spend two to four weeks working full-time. But it can sometimes also take months. After all, this is about securing your livelihood and the financing you’re seeking may be significant. By comparison, the costs for a business plan are negligible.

Business plans: the key to building a successful company

Entrepreneurs often see the creation of a business plan as a time-wasting formality required by banks and grant-making institutions that keeps you from doing your actual work. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, a business plan is an extremely useful tool for establishing your business. Most start-ups fail because they have failed to create a carefully thought-out plan for their business idea. Creating a business plan forces you to put your business idea into words and numbers within a structured format to demonstrate how your vision can be realized.. It allows you to thoroughly investigate the most important factors that could impact your chances of success, and shows you whether your business idea can actually develop into a profitable company and what it will take to make that happen. A well-developed business plan provides the foundation for a successful start-up and can help you avoid making poor decisions.

In addition to serving as an instrument for internal planning and control, the business plan also helps investors, banks, and grant agencies understand the business idea and convince them of its profitability and sustainability. The scope of a business plan is defined by the type and size of the intended business venture and by its intended audience. As a rough guide, a business plan to apply for a bank loan should be 30-40 pages, and one for an investor or venture capitalist should also have a minimum of 30 pages. Basically, the more money you’re asking for, the more comprehensive and detailed the information you should provide in the business plan. More important than the pure page count is the actual content. Whether for investors or the employment office, the business plan provides an informative overview of the project and its opportunities and risks. It is important that the business plan has an appealing layout and presents the essential points in a clearly structured format. Avoid going too deep into technical details and specialist jargon. If when you’ve done all the work including the math, your business plan gives the initial sobering impression that the idea is not financially feasible, don’t panic. Instead, use this realization to refine your business idea or maybe even come up with something entirely different. Whether you’re creating the business plan for your own internal use or for submission to banks, investors, or government authorities, the creation of a business plan and the knowledge how to write a business plan is an essential part of any serious business start-up despite all the work it requires. Fortunately, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel: Our experts will help you create your business plan.

Who needs a business plan?

Anyone planning an entrepreneurial project needs a professional business plan. We have already shown that the business plan fulfills two central tasks. The business plan is an internal instrument for use by management to plan and control the company’s operations; it also serves third parties as a basis for approving loans or deciding to invest. In most cases, it serves the purpose of establishing a business and the procuring the necessary capital.

As already mentioned, the business plan is also the basis for the following entrepreneurial projects:

  • Company succession
  • Acquisition of a company
  • Company sale
  • Realignment
  • Product expansion
  • Initial public offering
  • Internationalization
  • Raising capital
  • Expansion loans
  • Mergers
  • Partnerships

5 key reasons why you should write a business plan:

1. A business plan tests the feasibility of the business idea

A business plan forces a systematic approach to examining whether the business idea is economically feasible. In addition, it builds awareness for central factors that affect the business idea. Knowledge gaps are revealed as you create a business plan. Risks and potential obstacles are identified and force you to consider alternatives as well as strategies to deal with existing risks.

The business plan shows both entrepreneurs and potential investorswhich conditions and assumptions can make the business idea financially viable. Thus, the business plan allows the entrepreneur to avoid wasting time, energy, and money on an unprofitable business idea.

2. A business plan increases the prospects for a business startup

Writing a business plan encourages entrepreneurs to focus not only on operational, but also financial and commercial aspects of their business , ideally together with an experienced consultant. Marketing, budget, and liquidity plans are all necessary. Even before things get started, entrepreneurs get a deeper overall view of the dimensions and requirements of their business.

The business plan thus helps to create a more realistic picture and reduces the risk of being unprepared or having false, overly optimistic expectations. Rather, the knowledge gained while creating a business plan makes it easier to make informed decisions , and enables a process of continuous improvement. The time and cost needed to create a professional business plan are more than saved if your start-up phase has been better thought out, because you’ll run into fewer unforeseen difficulties later on.

3. A business plan as guide for successfully growing a business

If you want to build a house, you need a blueprint to show you what steps to take, and when and how to take them. In the same way, your business plan will identify the steps necessary to build your company. Your business plan thus represents a strategic roadmap for the actions you will be taking as an entrepreneur, your process for making strategic decisions, and the tools needed to carry them out.

4. A business plan as  prerequisite for grants and investors

A well-developed business plan is a prerequisite for pursuing a bank loan or venture capital. An expertly prepared plan provides insight into the company and persuasive arguments for banks and other decision-makers when deciding whether to finance a project. The business plan answers the most important questions and gives prospective investors a basis for assessing your project’s potential risks and profitability. This also applies to already established companies that need capital; their chances of success significantly increase when they submit a good business plan.

By submitting a well-founded, well-structured business plan, entrepreneurs also show that they are taking the start-up project seriously and are in a position to deal with the complexity of a business start-up. In addition to showing competence in their field, entrepreneurs can also demonstrate their business acumen.

5. A business plan as an effective, manageable planning tool

In addition to a better, more effective start-up phase, a business plan also provides a helpful and sustainable control and planning tool even after things get going. Companies and markets are dynamic and constantly in motion. This is especially true for new businesses. In order to use your business plan correctly, it is important to understand it is only ever a snapshot. A  business plan should  never  be considered complete, but should be seen instead as a “living” instrument . Your business plan will need to change as your company grows and evolves. Therefore you need to focus on specific market and industry knowledge and be aware on how to implement them in your business plan.

The business plan thus represents a kind of early warning system, which can indicate deviations from your original objectives and schedule. Using a target-performance comparison you can see where things might be going wrong and where action is needed. This will allow countermeasures to be introduced earlier on. Such adjustments will be necessary in any situation, and not just when sales are weaker than expected. Increased demand can also lead to shortages in capital or personnel. The business plan can also help keep an existing company on a successful path. Whether a company can successfully establish itself successfully on the market depends, of course, on such things as the quality of the services provided, customer service, marketing, and sales skills. The business plan is an excellent foundation for positive corporate development .

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at+1 347-708-1779 for a free consultation. We would be delighted to have you create your business plan with us.

How to write a professional business plan

There are no formal requirements for writing a business plan, While certain elements of the plan have come to be expected, the content will always be tailored to the specific project, the industry, and the size of your planned company.  Additional chapters or more detail may need to be added depending on the target audience of your business plan and the amount of capital you need., In addition to the content, there are certain formatting expectations. Opt for an easy-to-read design. Write concise and simple sentences that make factual statements. Use technical terms only if important for an explanation and not to try to impress your readers.

Organizing your business plan

The most important thing for a meaningful business plan is its content. The business plan must have a clear and comprehensible structure and a coherent line of argument. The reader should be able to recognize a consistent line of thought and see that all of your claims are well-founded.

The following content can be seen as the bare minimum for a well-founded business plan:

    1. Body

      1. Table of Contents
      2. Executive Summary
      3. Company Overview
      4. Business Model
      5. Market & Industry Analysis
      6. Competitor Analysis
      7. SWOT Analysis
      8. Marketing & Sales Strategy
      9. Operations Strategy
      10. Organizational Structure
      11. Management Structure
      12. Milestone & Timelines
      13. Financial Plan
      14. Appendices
    2. Budget

      1. Capital requirements plan
      2. Financing plan
      3. Sales plan
      4. Costs plan
      5. Profit plan
      6. Liquidity plan

Depending on the project, the content will need to be adapted and supplemented to meet the needs of your target audience. Below, you will find the most important points for different types of business plans.

Business plan for business start-ups

Business Plan Workshop

A business plan should not just be written to procure capital. UItimately, it needs to be written for you as the entrepreneur. The business plan will serve you and your team as a central planning and control instrument. By critically examining and shedding light on every aspect of your business idea, the business plan is a key investigation of your idea’s feasibility and profit potential. In addition, the business plan will orientat you to the steps you’ll need to take to realize your business idea. Take the time to create your business plan or work with a business plan specialist.

Business plans for loans

Loans are usually issued through banks. Banks are risk-averse and your banking consultant wijll be a numbers person, so your financial plans will be scrutinized very closely. The figures must reflect your plan’s content in a realistic way that makes sense to the consultant. In addition to the business plan, you also need to be convincing as the entrepreneur. Turn your banking adviser into your ally by making a convincing presentation of your personal and professional suitability for your project.

Business plan for venture capital or a stake

Business Plan ChecklistA private investor, venture capital company, or business angel is willing to put their capital at risk to support projects. They want to see a rapid increase in the company’s value in order to sell their shares at a profit after a certain period of time. That’s why investors focus on the market potential. They are open to your entrepreneurial vision and will look at the team behind the business idea. They think a first-class team with a second-rate idea is better than the other way around. So you’ll need to present the individuals behind the company and also go into potential exit strategies.
At this point, we should mention the special business plans used in the United States:

      • the E-2 business plan
      • the EB-5 business plan
      • the L-1 business plan
      • immigration business plan
      • non-profit business plan
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