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Set Up An Abu Dhabi Business With the Help Of A Professional Business Plan

A professional business plan for Abu Dhabi.

Planning to start a business in the United Arab Emirates? Have you narrowed down on Abu Dhabi as the headquarters of your future company? If yes, you’ve made a good choice.

According to the results of the 2018 Ease of Doing Business Report by the World Bank, the United Arab Emirates ranks #11 out of 190 economies, in terms of ease of doing business, in the entire world. In the 2016 report, the UAE ranked #1 out of the entire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for ease of starting a business. The city is leading the charge towards this highly-positive change in Abu Dhabi.

If you’re keen on setting up your new venture in Abu Dhabi or are expanding your existing business to the UAE, feel free to reach out to for a professional business plan, Abu Dhabi.

A massive economy that continues to grow

Abu Dhabi is one of the richest countries in the United Arab Emirates. The country is a melting pot of commerce and culture. Possessing most of the oil and hydrocarbon resources of the world, Abu Dhabi earns one of the highest GDPs globally. In 2018, its economy was worth a whopping Dh931 billion (which is upwards of $253 billion) and this value was a staggering 14.4% higher than its economy in 2017.

For entrepreneurs and existing businesses, this is great news. It shows that Abu Dhabi is still one of the fastest-growing business markets in the world and that it will continue to support the rise of new businesses.

At, our team is ever-ready to help you get started on your Abu Dhabi entrepreneurial journey. Our business plan experts can create an information-rich business plan Abu Dhabi, which you can use to pitch your new entrepreneurial idea to investors, suppliers and potential partners.

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What do financers like to see when they read a business plan Abu Dhabi?

Bankers, investors and partners who are interested in investing their money, resources and efforts into a UAE (and in particular Abu Dhabi) based business, want to know two things. One – if you’ve chosen the right market for your new venture and two – if you’ve conducted significant research to justify your faith in the success of your business.

For that we know how to differentiate e.g. between business plan business startups or business plan merger and acquisition or business plan investment / investor.

The people who will be reading your business proposal will want to know whether you know important information and statistics about the industry of your new venture. After all, these insights indicate how passionate you are about your business and whether you’re committed to seeing it succeed. Your financers will want to know how prepared you are to actually do business in the highly competitive United Arab Emirates landscape. This is where a professional business plan creation company can really be of assistance.

For example, our team of business plan writers know that one of the most profitable businesses in Abu Dhabi today is the hospitality industry. In Q4 of 2018, the Abu Dhabi hotel industry closed with massive revenues of $490 million, which was a solid 3.6% growth from 2018 Q3. Now, the hotel industry in Abu Dhabi is estimated to have grown by 16% from Q4 2018 to Q1 2019. This is proof of how the hotel and hospitality industry in the United Arab Emirates is growing each year tremendously and how Abu Dhabi is leading the charge.

The same goes for other industries too. For example, we know for a fact that the UAE e-commerce and digital business market will value upwards of $27.1 billion by 2022. Already in 2018, the UAE noticed a steady increase in the number of cashless payments (70% of customers used credit cards to pay for products online, and COD users had reduced to just 15% of the consumer population). This is a testament to how Abu Dhabi is an excellent opportunity for even ancillary industries like banks and credit card companies.

A business plan company like, with its team of highly-qualified business plan experts, will be able to conduct the thorough research necessary to bring all these significant facts to the table.

Our business plan writers are extremely well-informed and exceptionally good at primary and secondary research. By providing an insightful and meaningful professional business plan Abu Dhabi, our team will show how prepared you are to take your business to great success. We have all the facts to prove how lucrative and competitive the business landscape in Abu Dhabi is for new businesses. We can provide your investors with compelling information that will sway their decision in your favour.

In addition to industry-related statistics, our writers are also very well aware about other generic business-related information. For example, our business plan experts know how easy it is to get permits in Abu Dhabi (and where to get them from), what the procedures are for company registration and how utilities are priced for different classes of organizations in the United Arab Emirates. We also know how expensive it is to start different types of businesses in Abu Dhabi and our experience in creating business plans for Abu Dhabi companies has given us extensive knowledge about typical BEP timelines, profitability and other financial metrics.

Our team of business plan consultants are also very well versed in the taxation policies of the UAE, and we have a team who have specialized knowledge of the Abu Dhabi business landscape. They will be able to provide all the valid and relevant insights that your venture capitalists, suppliers, partners and top management will want to know.

If you’d like to see how we draft a business plan, Abu Dhabi, just speak to a member of our staff. We can share samples of some of our work, which you can peruse. We welcome our clients to partner with us in the business plan creation process.  So feel free to provide your inputs and give us your exact specifications each step of the way.

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