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Give Your Business The Edge With the Best Business Plan for Bank Loans

A professional business plan for a bank loan.

All businesses need some investment, whether it is venture capital or bank financing. When you apply for a business loan from a bank, as part of your loan application, you will be required to submit your business plan along with other documents. However, you won’t be given a loan by default just because you have a business plan. Integral to the success of your loan application is how well structured the business plan for your bank loan is (see how to write a business plan).

Requirements of Business Plans for Bank Loans

Business plans are the blueprints to success. But writing and designing a comprehensive plan takes time, effort, and expertise. If your plan isn’t well-crafted, it will unquestionably hamper your chances of securing that coveted bank finance. A robust business plan for bank financing should ideally be 25 to 30 pages in length and should include graphs and charts in addition to the following:

  1. Plan Overview
    1. Executive summary
    2. Financial goals
    3. Debt repayment plan
    4. Start-up or growth summary
    5. Products or Services offered
  1. Market analysis
    1. Size of market
    2. Market breakdown
    3. Location
    4. Target demographic
    5. Market needs
  1. Marketing Information
    1. Marketing objectives
    2. Marketing strategy
    3. Competitive analysis
    4. Competitive advantages or USP
  1. Operations Analysis
    1. Management
    2. Key elements to achieve success
    3. SWOT analysis
    4. Market entry challenges
    5. Milestones and achievements
  1. Complete Financial
    1. Revenue forecast (5 years)
    2. Human resource forecast
    3. Break-even analysis
    4. Income Statement
    5. Cash flow statement
    6. Balance Sheet
    7. Sensitivity analysis
    8. Financial indicators
    9. Financial assumptions

Special Features of a Business Plan for a Bank Loan

Among the several factors that your loan officer will take into consideration, there are specific sections in your plan that will come more under his/ her microscope, including:

  • Information on How Well you Understand your Industry and Market – From your business model, strategy and location to your products, services and company history if you have an existing business, your banker will look for criteria to gauge how successful your endeavor is, so that they can determine how it will probably fare further down the line. Even if the loan is secured by collateral, which it most likely will be, banks like to be part of success stories so they just don’t dole out loans to enterprises that don’t live up to their expectations.
  • Balance Sheet – Most likely one of the first sections of your business plan to be scrutinized is your balance sheet because it is the best indicator of how well your business is performing. Since it is a statement of financial position, it lists information such as your assets, liabilities, the amount of equity you own and the amount of capital already sunk in your venture. In other words, it reflects your business’s net worth. Now if you have a startup and have no past activities to show, your balance sheet will illustrate your starting capital, expenses thus far, assets acquired or needed and any existing liabilities.
  • Profit or Loss Statement and the Cashflow – Similar to the balance sheet this section of your business plan for bank financing will reflect the amount of cash flow in the past if you already have an established small or medium-sized business and also for the subsequent 12 month period. The latter is applicable to start-ups as well. Bankers are fully aware that profits don’t necessarily guarantee sufficient cash flow, so they will look at factors like your accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory to determine how successful you will be.

Problems or Hurdles You Might Face

Did you know that the two most common factors for business failure are:

  • Problems with cash flow
  • Insufficient capital and financial calculation at the start

According to FitSmallBusiness, 30% of businesses fail because of a lack of funds,1 in every 6 small business loans fail and while small banks approved about 50.2% of loan applications, big banks only approved a dismal and alarming 26.9%. Which goes to show that banks are very cautious when it comes to approving business loans.

Plus, according to the most recent U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) statistics, as of December 2018, 45% of approved small business loans were in the bracket of $350,000 to $2,000,000 while only a measly 7% were approved funding for amounts of $150,000 and below. This proves that banks prefer lending to bigger and more established businesses who showcase a stronger revenue and credit history.

So where does that leave mid-sized and small business owners and startups? It leaves them in need of  a well-tailored business plan. Among all the other benefits of a well-written business plan, it will increase your ability to secure invaluable bank fundin. For more insight take a look at our business plan advisor).

Advantages of a Comprehensive Business Plan for a Bank Loan

A professional business plan is one of your company’s most important documents. Essentially, it is the map of your success and will bolster your endeavor with a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Obtaining indispensable bank funding for current operations and expansions – this might include restructuring, reorganizing, planned divestiture and spin-offs
  • Internal planning and forecasting – your company performance can be calculated by comparing actual and forecasted data, which includes sales, expenses, time frames, and strategy
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Financing requirements in the future that require your attention
  • Establishing performance objectives and measuring results
  • Assessing personnel performance by checking if they meet planned objectives
  • Guiding decision-making process with regard to ongoing and potential operations
  • Changing the trajectory of the business, restoring profitability and achieving set goals

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