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The capital of Queensland has for long been touted as one of the most dynamic start-up hubs in Australia. If you’re considering setting up a business here and you need the services of a business plan creation company, contact us at

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Welcome to Australia’s start-up state

Queensland is today Australia’s fastest-growing state for entrepreneurship. Based on research by Techboard, Queensland-based start-ups received a staggering $766.9 million in investment (over 21%) in 2018, one of the highest rates of start-up investments in the country. Of all Queensland cities in the start-up race, Brisbane leads the pack.

One of the primary reasons for Brisbane’s success is the $8 million Advance Queensland Hot DesQ Program, which offers grassroot businesses up to $100,000 in funding for starting their companies in Brisbane and other Queensland cities. The city has also invested more than $4 million to make Fortitude Valley – a prime business district – start-up friendly. New technology, infrastructure and greater manpower investments are being made by the Brisbane Government to encourage entrepreneurs to adopt the city as home.

Then there are the increasing investments in the city’s co-working space. The average desk rates in Brisbane’s co-working spaces has dropped 25% from 2017-2018, and they are much lesser compared to other cities. Many of them have state-of-the-art facilities which have been expressly designed keeping entrepreneurs in mind. The city’s innovation centre, dubbed “The Capital,” comes fully-equipped with world-class facilities and infrastructure. All of these are helping start-ups flourish in the city.

The city’s entrepreneurs are also supported by the QUT Creative Enterprise Australia, an incubator operated by the Queensland University of Technology. This and other incubators and accelerators have started providing start-up opportunities (through meetings which resemble hit show Shark Tank), bringing quality resources closer to entrepreneurs.

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