Business Plan for Business Partners

A professional business plan for business partners.

Very often, (potential) business partners want to see a professional business plan before they enter into business with a company. Business plans are primarily required when initiating long-term business relationships. For example, it is also common for landlords, customers, suppliers, etc., to submit a business plan.

A business plan should also be presented to interested parties in the search for qualified employees in the run-up to a project or a business start-up, so that they can get a concrete idea of the planned company. A business plan is not only your entrance ticket to the financing landscape, but also a business card for the company to be able to present to this third party. The same applies especially in cases of a company takeover or a merger and acquisition.

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Business Plan Investments

If you are looking for an investor to participate in your (planned) business, it is best to write a business plan with variables. This means that the business plan should not set certain factors (if this has not yet been explicitly discussed) without the participation of potential investors. For example, if the purpose of the company allows it, you should leave the legal structure question largely open, since each investor has different views. The business plan should also be relatively open in terms of the financing model, since equity investments can be made as pure equity interests, as equity-related participations and equity participation. If you hire a professional business plan writer, he knows all these aspects and how to address them.

If you want to convince investors with your business plan, a potential analysis is often the decisive point. Here, the market potential as well as the potential for sales must be estimated as realistically as possible. The greater the potential, the more interesting the investment is for investors. Most investors are primarily involved in companies that have a large market potential, even if they take a slightly higher risk.

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