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Are you considering starting your new business in the tropical city of Cairns? Good idea. Cairns is no longer just a nature lover’s paradise. The city has become one of the most thriving start-up hubs in Australia, and experts believe it can soon host Queensland’s best start-up environment. We at offer you professional business plan writing expertise for your businesses needs and goals.

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Cairns, with its high quality of life and friendly judicial system, has become a haven for entrepreneurship. The city, which has started receiving massive funding from the local government, is touted to be the next Silicon Valley of Australia. Today, Cairns has the highest number of start-ups in all of Queensland – 1 for every 3500 people.

The government has in place the $300,000 Startup Queensland Fund, where it will contribute up to $25,000 to start-ups in proportion to the private funding they’ve procured. This, plus the Advance Queensland Hot DesQ Program, which will contribute up to $100,000 in funding to grassroot-level companies, make start-up success a reality in Cairns.

The city has also started numerous co-working spaces like the SPACE, which is a hub for innovation in the city. The cost of acquiring desks and even entire office buildings here is extremely less. Many accelerators, incubators, venture capitalists and media personnel come together here to help entrepreneurs establish their new business. The 8-week pre-accelerator program – Startup Basecamp – is a very popular and successful program, which is helping Cairns-based entrepreneurs get access to premium resources and business consulting. The ilab Accelerator, one of the premier accelerators in Cairns, also offers a $20,000 equity-free grant to any entrepreneur who enrols into their 12-week program.

Another reason why Cairns is an excellent option for start-ups – its proximity to Asia. From highly-skilled and low-cost talent to state-of-the-art infrastructure, Cairns can tap into the Asian business markets much easier than other start-up hubs in Australia.  This is making Cairns’ start-up ecosystem extremely competitive.

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