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Canada is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. This Northern American country has become one of the world’s most robust entrepreneurial landscapes. If you’d like to start a business abroad or you want to expand your existing company overseas, you should take a look at Canada.

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A flourishing economy

The country of Canada has one of the most advanced economies in the world. The country has the 10th largest GDP, most of which is fuelled by its large reservoirs of precious minerals, metals and seafood. When it comes to entrepreneurship and business, Canada offers its residents and immigrant investors a plethora of opportunities to succeed.

Canada ranks #22 out of 190 nations when it comes to the World Bank’s ranking of global ease of doing business. The country offers very good benefits to new businesses, and these benefits have increased the lifespan of a typical start-up – the number of bankruptcies in Canada has reduced to a mere 236 per year. In 2004, this number was a record high of 872.

The country is also the 8th most economically free nation, with a very people-friendly judicial system. It is one of the least corrupt countries in the world, standing at #9 out of 175 economies. Red tape and bureaucracy are practically non-existent, making it very easy for entrepreneurs to set up new businesses. Although IP laws aren’t the best in the world, Canadian leaders have successfully pushed for reforms, which can help make IP laws very strong. In addition to this is Canada’s brilliant policy about R&D refunds. Any new business engaged in R&D (provided they meet a few qualification criteria) can get up to 65% of all their R&D expenses refunded to them by the Government.

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Canada – A dynamic, entrepreneurship-driven culture

Canada possesses one of the most spectacular start-up scenes in the Atlantic. From Research In Motion to Shopify to Hootsuite, Canada has given birth to many unicorn start-ups. This is predominantly due to the entrepreneurial culture that is prevalent in the country.

Reports by TechToronto indicate that Toronto alone has over 4,100 tech start-ups. But it isn’t just Toronto that is at the helm of the Canadian start-up scene. According to the 2019 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, Vancouver has been ranked the 15th best start-up hub in the world, for its highly-developed technology infrastructure landscape and its business-friendly regulations. Other cities like Ontario, Edmonton and Waterloo (which has the highest start-up density in the world after Silicon City), too are extremely conducive to the setting up of new businesses, particularly in the areas of biotechnology, digital media and oil & gas. In fact, Canada has the second-largest oil & petroleum reserves after the entire Middle East, making this industry particularly lucrative for entrepreneurs.

One of the primary reasons for Canada’s flourishing start-up scene is its extremely collaborative landscape. The Government has many initiatives, like the MaRS Market Intelligence program and the Industrial Research Assistance Program, which offer exhaustive primary and secondary industry-specific research to start-ups. This provides entrepreneurs with ready-made information to start their business. The country has over 150 state-sponsored and private accelerators and incubators, who provide everything from access to resources to business consulting and leadership mentoring. Academic institutions like the University of Waterloo have specialized courses on entrepreneurship, where students can participate in co-op programs and develop important skills that will come in use when they are entrepreneurs.

Apart from these is the extremely robust policies which support women entrepreneurship. The Canadian Government has recently invested over $2 billion in its Women Entrepreneurship Strategy, which is designed to double the number of women-led start-ups in the country. The Startup Canada Women Entrepreneurship Fund, in particular, is designed for women from the rural and lower-income strata to set-up their own businesses.

Canada is also a very safe and welcoming place for immigrants. It has extremely strong and immigrant-friendly laws in place, which help make the start-up scene very culturally diverse. From immigrant investors who invest millions in the Canadian economy to immigrant workers who offer services at nominal prices, entrepreneurs can access a lot of resources here. The Canadian Government also has in place the Venture Capital Action Plan, which is designed to encourage private investment by home-grown financiers. For every $2 invested by private funders, the Government invests $1 in grassroot-level businesses.

In addition to this, Canada is a wonderful place to set-up a business because of the excellent quality of life it offers. It was ranked #2 in the 2016 World Economic Forum Quality of Life Survey. The country has now moved to #1 position according to the global survey conducted by Wharton Business School and the BAV Group. This makes the country a very safe and welcoming nation for entrepreneurs with families.

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