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South Africa’s Cape Town has always been renowned for its extraordinary start-up culture. If you’re planning to start a new company in Cape Town or expanding your business to the Western Cape, you’ll definitely find the entire atmosphere perfect for entrepreneurial success.

According to a study by Wesgro, Cape Town and the Western Cape’s official trade, tourism & investment agency; Cape Town has been dubbed as the start-up capital of the entire African continent. In particular, Cape Town, just like Johannesburg, attracts a lot of technology-related ventures (37% of all start-ups are tech-related). Of these, 20% work in the SaaS industry and 15% in the FinTech industry. To thrive in that environment we offer professional business plan help and writing services.

Experience greater success than at Gauteng

Even though a larger number of start-ups can be found in Johannesburg and the Gauteng province, the most successful start-ups are actually located in the Western Cape (which Cape Town is a part of).

According to the Ventureburn Tech Startup Survey conducted in 2018, over 36% of all start-up owners in the Western Cape stated that their businesses generated significant revenues (and 10% claimed to make profits), compared to just 23% of start-ups found in the Gauteng region. This proves that Cape Town and the entire Western Cape region provides entrepreneurs with greater access to financial & non-financial resources, offers higher economic freedom, has a lesser bureaucracy in the business registration process and has a diverse talent pool that new businesses can select from.

Providing a space for creativity

Cape Town is a great entrepreneurial hub for other reasons too. The city is home to over 25 co-working spaces, where entrepreneurs, financers, government officers, and PR professionals collaborate together to launch the business.

Apart from this, Cape Town has around 20 reputed national and international accelerators and incubators, who are actively involved in monitoring, supporting, and developing new businesses. Reports indicate that these accelerators successfully launch 10-15 new companies each year.

Finally, internet connectivity and technology infrastructure are extremely superior in Cape Town. The city has a 63% internet penetration rate, which is one of the highest in all of South Africa. This allows entrepreneurs to promote their products to the global market actively.

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