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One of the most challenging jobs that entrepreneurs face is getting finances from investors and bankers (see also business plan bank loan or business plan venture capital). Every lender wants to know what you intend to offer, how you mean to do so, and who is supporting you on your journey.

Of course, this is valid. After all, they are trusting you with their money. This is why it becomes imperative for entrepreneurs to describe their company and their people in great detail. It is only after they are convinced of what you are offering, that they will approve any funds.

The “Company Overview” section of a professional business plan plays an active role in generating curiosity and trust in the new business. At, we specialize in business plan creation. Our highly-experienced and trained business plan writers will study your business and create a professional business plan that will provide your potential financers with all the information they need to take an informed decision about your application.

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Position your company the right way, with an informative Company Overview Business Plan

Did you know that providing a business plan to investors can double your chance for success? The reality is that investors view entrepreneurs who prepare business plans as more focused and dedicated to the business, compared to entrepreneurs who don’t take the time to create a business plan. This makes entrepreneurs with plans a lot more likely to receive the loans and investments for their new venture.

At their core, investors wish to be assured that their valuable finances are in the hands of a trusted few: people who can be counted on to make profits and grow both their own and the investors’ business.

One of the key sections of a professional business plan that all investors are extremely interested in knowing about is the company overview. Afterall, this is where investors will get to know what you’re about and what you intend to do.

Although one of the shortest sections of the business plan, this particular section carries enormous weight. Not only is this section your window to introduce your new company to the rest of the world, but it is essentially the elevator pitch that you provide investors, convincing them why your business deserves their money and attention.

Do it right and you will garner enormous respect and attention from financers. But do it wrong and it could mean the end of your entrepreneurial dream. This is where the services of qualified business plan experts like really help.

How can give you an advantage

At, we have considerable experience preparing premium-quality professional business plans. We understand exactly what investors want to read in the company overview business plan section and we’ll ensure that all the relevant facts and figures are collated and put together in an engaging and informative manner. The subheads we include in the company overview section are:

  • Company summary – a concise explanation of your business as a whole.
  • Company history – the founding/founder, age, people involved, the reason for founding, past achievements & successes of the company.
  • Management/leadership team – information about the various leadership roles and who has been hired for these key roles.
  • Legal structure and ownership details – the type of company, is it private/public, share capital raised, share percentage & ownership.
  • Organizational structure – the hierarchy followed, roles & responsibilities, reporting managers.
  • Business locations – offices, headquarter production/assembly units, transportation hubs.
  • Company values – Mission statement, Vision statement, long-term and short-term objectives, core beliefs.

Our business plan experts will sit with you and discuss your requirements. We will study your company materials, conduct interviews, and collate thorough information about your company. Our professional business plan writers will then write the most insight-rich and compelling company overview, which your financers will undoubtedly find interesting and convincing.

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