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Professional Business Plan for a succesful Company Takeover

A professional business plan for company takeovers.

When a company has successfully invested in expansion and is growing rapidly, its main concern becomes the competition in the market. With the growth in technology, there are several small businesses entering the market, offering products and services with higher benefits and sometimes even lower prices. Small businesses grow big over time and can pose a threat to your business as well as fast followers may do.

With several competitors in the market, your business continues to make a profit. What do you do when you have invested in expansion, and your company is soaring high in the market? You have done everything to ensure that your business grows and you still have profits set aside for investment. When there are several competitors in the market, and you have ample funds for investment, it simply means that you are ready for a company takeover. A serious company takeover needs a professional business plan that is enriched with all financial details and your strategy.

What is a company takeover?

If your company has enough investment funds or the ability to take a loan, you can make a bid to assume control of or acquire another company. It is often done by purchasing a majority share of the target company. The takeover can happen as a mutual understanding between you, the acquirer, and the target company. Some takeovers are unwelcome, in which case, you go after the target company without their knowledge.

Takeover and acquisition are similar to each other. In the case of an acquisition, you have the permission of the target company to purchase and take over the company (see also business plan for merger and acquisitions). In the case of a takeover, you may or may not have the permission to purchase and take over the other company. When you do not have the consent of the target company, it is called a hostile takeover.

Despite that, a company takeover can also be you buying an established business that the owner does not want to continue as managing partner. Often this is the case when the owner is coming close to retirement and is looking for a successor. 

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Are you planning to take over a company?

You may be looking at a well-established company to take over, or simply a start-up that is showing a lot of growth potential. Most companies overlook creating a business plan for company takeover. Business plan creation helps in understanding where your business stands as well as the potential of the target company. There are a lot of strategic and tactical factors that require realistic planning on behalf of the business plan expert. Before you start to purchase another company, business plan consulting with an expert is suggested. At, we have extensive expertise in framing professional business plans and, our business plan writers will help you establish a well thought out plan before you make a purchase (take a look at our business sample plan).

What to include in a business plan for company takeover?

You must make a realistic plan before you can bid to buy another company. Your business plan should be able to assist you in planning marketing, budgeting, and management to ensure that you achieve the sales target, make a profit, and are able to take over another company. A business plan for company takeover can include the following aspects (for more take a closer look at our business plan advisor):

  • Executive Summary

An executive summary gives a formal introduction to your business. It is crucial as it includes the key points of the business plan for your company takeover such as the present target market, the range of products and services offered by both companies, and strategies for continued growth post-takeover.

  • Business description

A business description usually consists of your company’s mission statement and the value proposition. It also describes your company’s attributes as well as a thorough review of your company. A business plan expert will ensure that the business description will also include the target company’s corporate structure, SWOT analysis, and business model, among other things, which will ensure a smooth transition during the takeover.

  • Market Analysis

Most companies conduct a market analysis to understand their target market, competition, and the economics of the market. Your business plan for company takeover will include the target company’s number and type of customers, their products and services, their target market, and geographic densities.

  • Sales and Marketing plan

A business plan expert must include a breakdown of sales information, target company’s products and services, and any future plans to offer new products or services. The business plan consultant must also add pricing strategy, marketing and advertising strategy, and any promotional plans.

  • Operations plan

A professional business plan made to take over a company must also include an overview of the company facilities. It includes a physical location, equipment, processes, and employees. The plan should also list the days and hours of operation, and license and permit required for operation.

  • Management and organization structure planning

It is important to include an organizational chart depicting management hierarchy in the business plan for company takeover. It should include information on existing management, their level of involvement, and information on prospective new owners.

  • Financial history and projections

A comprehensive analysis of the target company’s financial performance and future projections must be made. As an acquirer, you are required to obtain several documents for this purpose. The documents include an income statement for three to five years and tax returns.

  • Transition plan

A transition plan will include how certain aspects of the target business, such as intellectual property and vendor relationships, be transitioned to you, the buyer. The business plan writer must ensure that the transition plan is well framed to avoid any kind of confusion during the takeover.

  • Exit plan

An exit plan is the final section in a business plan for company takeover. It outlines the exit strategy for the target company, details the timetable, as well as the terms and conditions under which the sale or business succession is made possible.

  • Supporting documents

Every business plan must include a list of all supporting documents that are referred to throughout the business plan (see business plan appendicies). It includes personal financial statements, licenses or other legal documents, and tax returns, among others. advantages and guarantees

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