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Every new business, be it a first pilot project or an existing multi-city chain, needs to have a clearly laid out plan. A professional business plan is one tool that no business owner can overlook. From attracting investors to your business to convincing dealers and retailers, your professional business plan will do all the talking for you. A well-written professional business will portray you as a knowledgeable and confident entrepreneur who knows what he or she is aiming for. Building such a reputation is very important for the success of your business and for yourself as a businessperson.

But what exactly do we mean by a good professional business plan? Anyone can write a business plan. If your business idea is good, your business will obviously look good. That is the common misconception. Your business idea may be brilliant, but putting it to words and expressing it correctly requires in depth knowledge and skill in business planning. A convincing professional business plan is one that contains all the relevant information but is still concise and succinct. Writing a plan that doesn’t beat about the bush and states the ideas and strategies in an eloquent manner is a job best left to the experts. is a professional business plan consulting firm with all the necessary experience to write a perfect professional business plan for you. We have a team of highly talented and experienced business plan consultants who have immense knowledge in the field of business plan writing and consulting. With meticulous research and thorough understanding of the industry, our business plan writers produce flawless business plans for all our clients. We are happy to offer you a transparent view of our procedures and conditions.

A thriving business in Dubai

Well, should we even be asking this question? We all know how prosperous a city Dubai is. The way this city has transformed from being a barren desert to one of the most glamorous and extravagant cities in the world is commendable. Dubai is home to numerous business parks, luxury hotels, shopping centers, and tourist attractions. It even has its own manmade island that is shaped like a palm tree. How many other cities do you think can afford such extravagance?

Dubai is continuously growing with its world-class infrastructure and some of the tallest buildings in the world. Starting a business in Dubai would be a dream come true for most entrepreneurs. Let’s have a look at a few factors that make Dubai a great place to start a business.


A number of different taxes that you would otherwise need to pay in other cities are not levied in Dubai. Taxes like personal tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, and VAT are non-existent in Dubai, making it extremely business-friendly, particularly for new businesses.

Free Zones

Starting a business in any part of UAE usually requires a UAE national to be taken as your business partner. For them you will also need a business plan for business partners. If you plan on having 100% ownership of your business, you can choose to operate from one of the Free Zones. A business in a Free Zone enjoys a number of advantages, such as 100% ownership, easy start-up and duty-free customs boundary. If your business does not need to be located in the city center and you have a sufficient budget for it, a free zone is your best bet in Dubai.


The tourism industry in Dubai is currently booming. It has generated nearly 270,000 jobs between 2016 and 2017. Dubai saw an inflow of 20,000,000 tourists in that year. The city is investing a lot on tourism these days, building new infrastructure and hosting several events every year. The growing tourism industry gives immense business opportunities.


The visa laws in Dubai are quite lenient and expat-friendly. You can easily get a UAE residency visa if you are planning to stay and start a business. This also makes getting land leases and movement into and out of the country very easy. For more information about a business plan for immigration read here.


The central location of Dubai in the heart of the Middle Easter region makes it perfect for businesses. It is accessible from almost all the major cities in the world. Location is very important to any business and Dubai gives you an advantage on that front. For further countries, cities and regions read here.

Standard of living

Dubai is currently the happiest among the Arab emirates. The number of children going to school has increased from 100,000 in 2010 to 281,000 in 2018. 25, 000 people have been employed in the education sector as of 2016. 22,000 people have been employed in the health sector.

50.2% of the female population are university graduates and postgraduates.

The availability of an educated workforce and high standard of living provides a better platform for new businesses.

Legal system

The legal system in Dubai is continuously modified and upgraded to promote foreign investments and provide support to entrepreneurs. Dubai is among the first of the emirates to permit foreign ownership property and stocks.

All of these factors, and many others make Dubai an excellent choice of a place to start a new business. – Your Business plan consultant for Dubai now offers its services for start-ups in Dubai. We at, understand the challenges of setting up a business in one of the world’s most prosperous cities. Getting investments for your new business in a competitive market like Dubai is not easy. That is where our knowledge and experience in business plan creation will be of help to you.

Our team of expert business plan writers will help you create the most impeccable professional business plan for your Dubai business, which is sure to grasp the attention of your stakeholders. Our team conducts diligent research on the market you are dealing in and works on your business plan with a thorough understanding of the industry so that the final outcome is infallible.

We believe in the fact that our clients’ success is a measure of our success as well. Making your business grow and flourish is our sole priority.

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