Business Plan for Education & E-Learning

The Best Business Plan for a Business in Education & E-Learning

Over the course of the next four years, by 2023, the U.S. education and e-learning industry is expected to experience tremendous growth. According to Zion Market Research, by 2026, the U.S. education market is forecast to reach a staggering $2,040 billion.

With the ever increasing tech advancements in our competitive ecosystem, businesses are having to rethink existing strategies and innovate new ones. And the need for comprehensive business plans is fast on the rise. So if you already have an established education or e-learning business, or if you are contemplating establishing a new one, partnering with the best business plan consultant is vital (see also our advisor).

The Current Scenario

The U.S. education market is forecast to see significant growth during 2019-2023, while the country’s e-learning market according to the 2019 Global Market Insights, Inc. report is expected to exceed $300 billion by 2025. Though it constitutes approximately 14% of the industry share in the country today, e-learning is expected to rise even further in the future.

Developments in the industry include:

  • Transformation in education content
  • An increase in digital textbooks
  • Adopting tech solutions to train staff
  • A rapid increase in e-learning solutions to facilitate scalability, low investment and greater storage space
  • Enhancing secondary enrollment rates across courses
  • A rise in government budget allocations for the education system

To facilitate advancing your education and/or e-learning business, it is important you have a professional business plan to keep up with this competitive ecosystem.

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