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A professional business plan for England.

When starting a new business, having a good plan in your mind is not enough, you also have to write it down. A professional business plan helps create a roadmap for entrepreneurial success. Your professional business plan lays the foundation for an effective action plan and is also your business card for investors and business partners. Your business plan is no ordinary document and can help you avoid costly errors and confusion. A well-written professional business plan can prove to be the difference between entrepreneurial success and failure. Therefore you need to know in detail how to write a business plan.

A sound, professional business plan is a comprehensive business document that touches every aspect of your business. Writing a professional researched, informational, and insightful professional business plan  is not an amateur’s cup of tea. Only a business plan expert with years of experience and understanding of what a business needs to do to survive and thrive in today’s dynamic business environment can deliver.

Before starting to write a professional business plan, a business plan consultant prepares a roadmap. After finalising the structure of the professional business plan, the expert conducts in-depth research to understand the latest market trends and factors such as government regulations (both current and proposed), and economic conditions are impacting the business.

To excel as a business plan expert one has to develop a curious nature. An expert business plan consultant loves listening to brand stories. They are aware of the importance of understanding both the businesses and the owner’s entrepreneurial journey. Before starting to work on a professional business plan, a business plan expert leaves no stone unturned to learn everything there is to know about the business.

At, we like keeping things simple. We are a team of business plan experts with years of experience of writing professional business plans for business operating in different markets and industries. We understand the impact that an insightful professional business plan can create and take various steps to avoid business plan creation mistakes.

We are not into shortcuts. We understand that some projects will be more complex and challenging than others and do not shy away from pushing our limits to achieve project goals. Our business plan experts share our passion for customer service. Their dedication to their profession has helped them carve out a niche for themselves.

Starting or expanding a business in England

England is a part of the U.K. The country is known for its rich and varied cultural heritage and dynamic economy. England’s most recognisable city, London, is a financial services hub. The city is home to the London Stock Exchange, the largest stock exchange in Europe. Around 100 of the top 500 corporations in Europe are based in London. Once a highly industrialised economy, England has started focusing on the service sector. The country attracts budding entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. Why you ask? Here are some reasons why England is one of the top choices of entrepreneurs to start a business.

We also offer customized business plans for different regions and cities that will help you achieve your business goals.

Access to highly skilled, diverse workforce

England is home to a number of prestigious institutions. These institutions equip their students with both technical and life skills to face any challenge that life throws at them. Additionally, every year, highly skilled and qualified graduates from different parts of the U.K. and world migrate to London in search of better career opportunities.

London is a global city and is well known for its multi-ethnicity. Businesses operating in England get access to a multicultural and talented workforce. Highly skilled professionals from different ethnicities and backgrounds not only steer the business in the right direction but also help it serve customers from different cultural backgrounds.

Government support programmes

The U.K. government runs various programmes that focus on helping new and growing enterprises. The government-backed Start-Up Loans program, for instance, provides loans to upcoming entrepreneurs at low-interest rates. Those who qualify are eligible for 12 months of free mentoring.

Some other benefits for entrepreneurs operating in the country include capital allowances, R&D tax credits, and subsidised broadband. London is not considered as one of the best cities to start a business without any reason. To help new businesses cut costs, the city has various growth support programs and Enterprise Centers, where business owners can apply for low-cost workspaces.

London: The city of opportunities 

London is an investment hub. Tech companies based in London get more V.C. funding than those operating in several other major European cities such as Stockholm, Paris, and Berlin. The city is one of the largest technology clusters in the EMEA region.

Additionally, businesses operating in London get unparalleled networking opportunities. Different business bodies in the city host many meetups every week. To help entrepreneurs hone their current skills and develop new ones, many local and regional dedicated groups conduct seminars and workshops at regular intervals.

Thanks to the city’s convenient location, Londoners can reach major business hubs in less than a day. The city’s time zone allows the working day to overlap with major economies such as New York and Singapore.

Developed the transportation system

London is known for its highly developed infrastructure. The city has one of the best transportation systems in the world. 10 major transport hubs and an extensive underground rail system serve the city, helping residents commute conveniently. Thanks to the city’s advanced transportation system, businesses are able to serve their customers effectively.

An easy to navigate the tax system

England is known for its simple taxation system. Additionally, the U.K. government offers many tax breaks such as R&D tax credits, enhanced capital allowances, employment allowances, and annual investment allowance to small businesses. Thanks to double taxation agreements with several other economies, most England-based companies are not required to pay Corporation Tax on foreign dividends.

Why is the go-to team for businesses

Unparalleled expertise and experience

Our business plan experts have proved their mettle in the industry. These professionals have dedicated their lives to mastering the art of business plan creation. Their commitment to their profession, coupled with a burning desire to become the best version of themselves help them excel and overcome challenges.

Enviable track record

Over the years, we have helped several businesses from different industries create an actionable roadmap to success. For us, deadlines are sacrosanct. To ensure projects are delivered on time, we plan everything in advance. We understand how costly business plan writing errors can be.  Our business plan experts have an eye for detail and do not let even minor details fly under their radar.

Our commitment

As a leading business plan company, we have taken upon us to ensure every business gets the support they need. We are committed to helping businesses grow. Once we start working on a project there is no looking back. Our business plan consultants are thorough professionals who do not mind pushing their limits and are always eager to contribute.

Our approach

When it comes to business plan creation, there is no such thing as a one-size fits all solution. Our business plan experts understand that businesses can have unique requirements. To help enterprises to excel, we write well-researched and custom professional business plans.

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