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Impactful Business Plan Executive Summary by Trained Business Plan Experts

The Executive Summary in a professional business plan.

Executive summaries are probably the most crucial part of your professional business plan. They are quite literally the face of your business plan and, by extension, a representative of you and your new company.

After the table of contents, your business plan executive summary is one of the first things that your bankers, suppliers, and potential partners read when they peruse your business plan. The impression they form, based on this content, will color their entire perspective about your new venture and in the worst cases, may discourage investors from investing in your business.

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The idea behind executive summaries is to provide readers with a concise, yet informative insight into the written material. In terms of a professional business plan, the executive summary serves to give the investors a bird’s eye view of the proposed business. Your executive summary should grab the attention of every reader. The only way it can do this is by being smart, funny, interesting, and authoritative. An ideal executive summary is one that is less than two pages in length and which provides important business insights immediately.

One mistake that many entrepreneurs make when developing a business plan executive summary is to provide too many details in the summary (see also how to write a business plan). It is important to remember that the summary is just that – a summary of your business and your plans. It should include the highlights of each section within your business plan and it should champion your strengths, assets, and capabilities.

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What is included in the business plan executive summary?

The structure of an executive summary resembles the structure of a table of contents very closely. Of course, instead of providing just headlines, the business plan executive summary will contain 1-2 lines related to each section of the business plan, with a focus on the most important fact, figure or message. So, the order of the executive summary will follow this pattern:

  • Business opportunity – why the entrepreneur felt the need for the business, with statistics and other evidence.
  • The Business’s USP – how the new venture will address the problems/needs
  • Company mission and vision statement
  • Target market – audience analysis
  • Marketing and sales plans
  • Financial forecasts and projections
  • Competitor analysis
  • Management/owner information
  • Business model – product portfolio, operational strategy and management strategy
  • Brand promise.

If the company is an established company and the objective is growth, expansion, acquisition, or merger, then the entrepreneur will also have to provide information regarding:

  • Company history & business successes
  • Growth plans & future strategies
  • Previous profits & financial summary

The executive summary of a well-written professional business plan will contain a thorough but to the point commentary about the proposed business.

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