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A professional business plan for Finland.

Are you planning to open a new branch of your company in Finland? Maybe you’re thinking of introducing a never-before-seen product in this Scandinavian country. Irrespective of what your business plans are, you will require additional funds in the form of loans or private equity.

The best way to get loans, investments, and capital sanctioned for a new business is through a rock-solid business plan. This is exactly what our business plan company has specialized in. We are, and our team of business plan experts can prepare a research-enriched business plan Finland, which your potential financiers will love.

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A start-up market with unlimited potential

According to the Tech Scaleup Finland Report, sanctioned by Startup Europe Partnership, Business Finland and Mind the Bridge, Finland has been ranked as one of the most-important and most-vibrant start-up ecosystems in Europe. Over 4000 start-ups are currently in operation in the country.

Finland’s dynamic capital Helsinki ranks as the third-best start-up ecosystem in the world today, and it is home to over 500 tech start-ups. The primary reason for Finland’s immense new venture success is its extremely high level of local connectedness.

Finland ranks #1 in terms of global connectedness. Entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, ancillary service providers, and influencers all actively collaborate to ensure company/brand success. The country has over 82 incubators and accelerators, which offer support in the form of finances, raw materials, business consulting, media exposure, and more.

In addition to this, is the Finnish Government’s extremely hassle-free business registration process. Currently, Finland ranks #17 in the World Bank’s ranking for best and easiest countries to do business in. The Government has in place extremely investor-friendly measures, which actively encourage venture capitalists and greenfield investments. In fact, there is a dedicated agency called Tekes, which funds start-up innovation.

These measures and various other start-up friendly initiatives have raised a lot of foreign direct investments. According to reports by the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) and the Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN), Finland received overall €479 million in funding to promote start-ups in 2018, of which €291 million came from FDI.

A great place for scaleups and M&A’s

Not just start-ups, but Finland is also an excellent place for scaleups.

Research shows that 219 of the start-ups in this Northern European country have dynamically grown and scaled-up in under three years. In fact, Finland ranks #9 in the European Scaleup Country Index, and it has the highest Scaleup Density Ratio in all of Europe, generating four scaleups for every 100,000 people. Finland also outperforms other start-up ecosystems in terms of scaleup investing, getting 1.7X higher FDI for scaleups, compared to the rest of Europe.

In addition to this is the growing number of Mergers & Acquisitions in Finland. Between 2016 & 2017, the Nordic country saw over 45 M&A’s, which accounted for around 12% of all M&A deals in Europe.

These statistics prove how welcoming and lucrative Finland is for new businesses. The country is also highly-homogenous and an important European hub, attracting talent from across the continent. This can help entrepreneurs find like-minded financiers, partners and employees with ease.

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