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One of the wealthiest capitals in the world, Helsinki in Finland is also renowned for being one of the most-ideal start-up venues. In fact, Valuer has listed Helsinki as the third-best start-up ecosystem of 2019.

If you’re working towards setting-up your new company in Finland or you’re planning to expand your existing business here, then you should certainly consider Helsinki.

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Helsinki – One of the best start-up ecosystems in the world

Helsinki is home to some of the most profitable start-ups in the world. While Rovio and SuperCell are two relatively new Helsinki-based start-ups, the city was also the genesis of giants like Nokia and Linux. These examples are a testament to how robust the start-up culture is in this Northern European city.

According to the 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, Helsinki outperformed other established start-up hubs like the UK, in its contribution to entrepreneurship. The report indicated that the Helsinki start-up market was worth upwards of $1.5 billion and had a growth index of 4.1. The city performed tremendously well on the Talent and Market Reach Index, having excellent access to top-quality talent and foreign customers.

The city’s great legacy continues even today. Of course, it also helps that Finland is the 17th best country in the world (out of 190 economies) to do business in; the benefits of which spill-over into the Helsinki start-up landscape. The lack of bureaucracy, easy access to monetary & non-monetary resources, and availability of the right support structure make Helsinki, an extremely beautiful space for new ventures.

Helsinki is also a city with a very high level of “global connectedness.” It is home to some of the largest incubators and accelerators in Finland. Their vested interest in the new businesses’ success bring entrepreneurs in contact with very lucrative opportunities.

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Experts believe that the Helsinki start-up market will continue to grow, receive foreign & domestic funding, and benefit from the patronage of incubators and accelerators.

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