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Are you planning to start a new business venture in Hong Kong? We are sure you know how vital a good professional business plan is to your new business. If you have not yet got a professional business plan made, it is high time you do. The importance of a well-written professional business plan cannot be overstated. If you are setting up a business in a highly competitive market, like Hong Kong, getting investors for your enterprise becomes all the more challenging. A well-framed, comprehensive business plan will give you an edge over others when it comes to wooing the investors. But how exactly should your professional business plan be and how to write a business plan for different purposes?

A perfect professional business plan for any business is one that says everything without having to say much. That means, it should contain all the necessary information about your business idea and strategies, but should also be precise. Beating about the bush is not very impressive in business plan writing. Professional business plan writers are skilled and experienced in writing the best all-encompassing business plans for any venture. Get help from a good business plan consultant for the job. is a business plan consulting firm having experience of working with different markets and industries. We have a team of dedicated and well-informed business plan writers who can create the best professional business plans for any client venturing into any industry. Our business plan creation methods involve extensive research and diligent study of your business proposition and the industry you’re working in.

Business opportunities in Hong Kong

The city of Hong Kong needs no introduction. It is one of the most prosperous cities in Asia and is indeed a contender for the most business-friendly cities in the world. Hong Kong boasts of a strategic location, a productive work-force, stable economic and political environment, attractive tax regime, world-class infrastructure, and an effective legal system. All of these factors make Hong Kong’s environment conducive to new businesses and start-ups.

Here are a few facts about Hong Kong’s position as a business hub, that will make you appreciate this place much more.

  • Hong Kong ranks 2nd among World’s Best Financial Systems, according to the World Economic Forum: The Global Competitiveness Report 2018.
  • Hong Kong ranks 3rd in the world, and 1st in Asia, in the category of World’s Best Global Financial Centre according to The Global Financial Centres Index 25 2019.
  • Hong Kong is 2nd among the World’s Leading Investment Hub for FDI inflows in Asia as per the United Nations Trade and Development (UNCTAD): World Investment Report 2018.
  • Hong Kong ranks 1 as the Best location for IPO and M&A activity in Asia-Pacific according to the Baker McKenzie & Oxford Economics: Global Transactions Forecast 2019.

Such high scores on so many levels – what more could you ask for? But to drive home the point a little better, let us look at the key features that make Hong Kong a great place to start your business.

We offer customized solutions for your individual business plan objective for Hong Kong and are looking forwar to create a business plan specified for your business.

Easy on foreign business owners

Unlike many other countries or cities that restrict business ownership by foreign nationals, Hong Kong has a very supportive structure for foreign business owners. Hong Kong welcomes not only foreign entrepreneurs willing to start a business but also provides relevant tools to set up your business quickly and easily. It ranks 4th among the world’s easiest places to do business according to The World Bank’s Doing Business 2019 Report. Hong Kong also ranks 2nd in world’s fastest place to start a business, with the average time being 1.5 days, according to The Global Competitiveness Report 2018.

The simple and lenient tax system

Hong Kong can boast of one of the lowest tax jurisdictions in the world. Personal income tax starts at just 2% and goes up to 17% for income above HKD 200,000. Corporate tax rates are at 16.5% of assessable profits for corporations and 15% for unincorporated businesses. Apart from this, there is no capital gains tax, withholding tax on dividends and interest, collection of social security benefits, sales tax or VAT in Hong Kong. No wonder Hong Kong ranks 1st in the world’s most business-friendly tax system according to the report, PWC & The World Bank Group: Paying Taxes 2019.

A free economy

Hong Kong is considered one of the world’s most free economies. With free enterprise, free trade, and free markets that are open to all, Hong Kong has one of the world’s most liberal economic systems.

Fair and transparent legal system

Hong Kong has its law and order jurisdiction, separate from China. The legal system of Hong Kong is favorable to the business environment and considers everyone as equal.

World class infrastructure

Hong Kong has an incomparable infrastructure for setting up new businesses. With convenient and cheap transportation systems, one of the best Exhibition and Convention Centres in the world and world-class business and technology parks, Hong Kong ranks 1st in Infrastructure Competitiveness Rankings by The Global Financial Centres Index 25 2019. – Your business plan consultant for Hong Kong offers its services to businesses in Hong Kong. We are a team of experienced and skilled business plan consultants, with exposure to various industries and markets worldwide. Our business plan writers are well-versed in all things related to business and are experts in business plan creation for new ventures. Understanding the needs of your business and customizing the business plan according to your needs is our priority.

Let create the perfect professional business plan for you so that you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

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