Business Plan Immigration

A professional Business Plan for Immigration

A professional business plan for immigration.

Talent is a worldwide phenomenon. Every corner of the world has one or more people who have talent, but opportunity fails them. A very few people are lucky to find an opportunity to showcase their talent and be blessed with an opportunity to work in the US. Many times, they are failed  at the point of immigration as these processes are daunting, and without professional help, the prospective migrants fail to get a visa. We know out of experience how to emphasize your strength in a visa business plan (for market and regional aspects of a business plan see our advisor).

What are the types of visa for immigration?

Business plan for your visa can be an integral part of your visa application, and the manner in which it is presented can make the difference between  your visa being approved or disapproved. The visa business plan defines who you are as well as your prospective business for the visa. Every visa business plan is different from the next, based on the purpose of the business. Our business plan consultants have ample experience in international business. They will be able to help you frame your business plan and assemble all the documents required based on the type of visa you are applying for.

  • L-1 visa: Intracompany transferee visa

An L-1 visa business plan is designed for you if you work for a multinational corporation, and you wish to transfer to a US branch. The initial stay for this visa is for one year, and it also covers your spouse and children.

  • E-2 visa: Treaty investor visa

An E-2 business plan is for you if you are a non-immigrant from a treaty country and you wish to work in the US for two years. An E-2 visa is renewable for up to five years, and the investment must exceed $100,000 and fully support a business.

  • EB-5 visa: Immigrant investor visa green card

If you are a foreign immigrant and you are willing to invest $500,000 to $1,000,000 in a new commercial enterprise, you are eligible to obtain a conditional US Green Card. With our help, you can obtain a green card by showing (via a customized EB-5 business plan) that your investment will stimulate job creation in the area of investment.

  • B-1 visa: Temporary business purposes

The B-1 visa allows you to attend meetings, conventions, negotiate business contracts, or hold a series of meetings. Your employer must produce a business plan as a part of the documentation.

What are the key components of a business plan for immigration?

A business plan for immigration is not like any regular business plan. The success or failure of the visa application depends on the business plan that is presented. What qualifies you and your prospective business? It is important to define these in the business plan for immigration. A business plan that is made by a layperson may not address all the requirements, so it should be left to the professionals that knows how to write a business plan properly. A professional business plan writer will be able to address all the needs and requirements of a professional business plan required for an immigration visa.

A visa or immigration business plan must demonstrate that you, the applicant, have the ability and talent to successfully start and grow a business in the US. The business plan must also include the description of the product or service you offer, and how it will benefit the consumers. Most of the times, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services examines how your business can benefit the citizens of the country, whether there are employment opportunities for Americans, and whether you have the background and experience to grow the business. The business plan that is part of the visa application must be of the same quality as that of a business plan for a commercial bank or a sophisticated investigator. It is crucial to seek help from a professional who can frame such a sophisticated business plan, ensuring that your application is not rejected based on your business plan.

A business plan is a document of 20 to 25 pages and consists of charts, graphs, tables, and images, among other things, that will help the reader to understand your business and its purpose. The key components of a business plan for immigration must include at least the following:

Tips for immigration visa applicants

A visa application is a crucial step for prospective migrants as it can make or break your business or your expansion plans. Following are a few tips to enhance your chance of getting your visa approved:

  • Do not wait until the last moment. It takes a couple of weeks to frame a good business plan for immigration. Make sure you have at least two weeks before you apply, to make the necessary changes. It is a good idea to take help from a professional business plan writer to guide you.
  • A business plan and your other documents must be consistent with each other. The documents vary depending on the visa applied for, and hence, seeking professional help is suggested.
  • Write the business plan in ‘Business English’ and not ‘Spoken English.’ A business plan for immigration is a professional document and needs to be written in business English.
  • Talk about your business. Most applications fail as they do not provide enough information on things like their business, their products and services, and financial support. A business plan expert will make sure that all the significant aspects are included in the business plan.
  • Seek professional business plan help. The road to approval gets difficult if the US Citizenship and Immigration Services finds fault in your application and business plan.

How can we, at, help you?

A business plan for immigration is unlike any typical business plan. It must meet the requirements of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, and it is primarily reviewed by the Department of Homeland Security or the US embassy. The applicant must ensure that the business plan for immigration is carefully written to support the visa application. Every professional business plan must be met with the challenges of framing it to address the expectations of the immigration services. It is a professional job, and hence, you will need help from experienced business plan writers to ensure that your application is not rejected. We also review your business plan at any stage or you can fully outsource your business plan creation process to our experts.

In our checklist you can view the Top 10 contents for every professional business plan:










At, we have dedicated business plan writers who are experts in framing a business plan for immigration and business plan for visa. Our services will ensure that you will flow smoothly through this tedious task as our experts will take all the responsibility of framing a professional business plan for visa and immigration. Our business plan writing service will ensure that all the requirements of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services are met.

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