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Are you planning to make your mark in the insurance industry by starting an insurance agency?  Or are you an insurance broker who is looking to expand your business? Whatever your needs may be, is here to help you by providing you with a comprehensive business plan writing service at an affordable rate. In 2018 several factors contributed to a string year for insurers – such as economic growth, rising interest rates, and higher investment income. Many technology changes (blockchain, distributed-ledger or digital distribution channels) will challenge the industry. In 2017  the U.S. insurance industry had a total worth of $1.2 trillion (net premiums written), with life/health and property/casualty as premium segments. For more branches see specific market and industry knowledge.

With more than ten years of experience in the business plan service industry, we have worked with many insurance businesses and have helped many insurance brokers reach new heights in their career. We believe in building a professional and respectful relationship with each of our clients, where both parties value each other’s time, energy, and expertise.

A steady future for the insurance industry

The insurance industry is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. As of 2017, the U.S insurance industry was worth $1.2 trillion. Out of this number, 52 percent was accounted for by life and health insurers, and 48 percent was accounted for by property and casualty insurers.

In 2017, there were as many as 5,954 insurance companies in the United States, out of which 2,509 were property/casualty insurers, 852 were life/annuities insurers, and 907 were health insurers, 82 dealt with fraternal, 58 with title, 240 with risk retention groups and other companies accounted for 1,306. Considering just how many insurance businesses are out there, and how much the industry is worth, it appears the insurance industry will continue to be highly profitable.

A business plan writing service with experts who understand you

Why should you choose to help you draft your business plan? It’s easy – because we actually take the time to understand you and your needs. We believe that our clients know their business best, so we take the time to listen to everything you have to share with us and answer every question that you may have to the best of our abilities. This enables us to work together smoothly to create a professional business plan that is backed by intensive and thorough research.

All business plans are customized for our clients by our team of business plan experts, tailor-made based on your unique needs and goals. We understand that each client is special, which is why we never follow a cookie-cutter approach. What’s more, we cater to businesses of all sizes from all sectors, and our affordable business plan pricing is a testament to this.

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