Business Plan for Internet & E-Commerce & Software & Mobile Apps & Cloud, Mobile & Traditional Software

The best Business Plan for Businesses in Internet & E-Commerce & Software & Mobile Apps & Cloud, Mobile & Traditional Software

Regardless of whether your business employs more conventional or advanced tech processes, when it comes to e-commerce and software solutions, they are all part of a highly competitive global ecosystem.

In order to survive, differentiate yourself from your competition, increase engagement levels, and drive more traffic to your virtual doorstep, you need to have the most robust action plan. And at, as an award-winning business plan expert, we design the best plans and deliver nothing less than 100% client satisfaction.

Market Data and Development

The world over, according to Internet World Stats, there are close to 4 billion Internet users, which is approximately 57% of the world’s population.

And according to Shopifyplus, globally, retail e-commerce sales are expected to hit USD $4.9 trillion by 2021, while online sales are forecast to contribute to 15% of all retail sales in the U.S. alone, every year.

When it comes to the mobile app industry, Statista states that there are a staggering 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide, while tablet users will increase to 1.28 billion by 2021.

As for cloud computing, the industry is expected to continue its staggering growth over the next couple of years as well, and according to Techjury, is forecast to reach USD $150 billion by the close of 2020, with about 67% of the businesses being cloud-based thanks to the benefits of lower costs, data privacy, and scalability.

In such a lucrative business environment, to say it’s becoming extremely competitive is an understatement.  And integral to the success of any business, from small and medium-sized businesses to startups, developing a sustainable and professional business plan that can keep up with the fast evolving landscape is critical.

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