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At, we help your business in crafting the perfect market and industry analysis business plan. This should include a detailed overview of the market that your business wishes to tap into, as well as the industry. It is necessary that you have reliable statistics in order to support your claims.

While crafting your market and industry analysis business plan, we make sure that crucial details are included. These details include

  • Industry description and outlook, which entails the size of the market, current trends as well as growth rate.
  • Lead time, which is the amount of time that you would take to fulfil an order once a purchase is made.
  • Target market, which refers to the audience you are trying to reach – in other words, your ideal customer.
  • Market test results, which are the results of the research you have conducted to see how viable the market is.
  • Competitive analysis, which is where you talk about your biggest competitorss in detail.

Market & Industry Analysis in your Business Plan

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The market and industry analysis section of your business plan provides evidence that there is a viable niche in the market that your business can exploit. In other words, it has to convince potential investors and lenders that your business will be able to sell the product or service you are offering (e.g. business plan investment / investor or business plan credit)

As such, a market and industry analysis business plan requires hard facts and figures to show that your business has great potential for success. This means that you need plenty of research into the current market and industry performance so that you have the numbers to show as evidence.

At, our team of dedicated business plan writers works tirelessly to provide you with all the facts and figures you need to convince potential investors and lenders. We make sure that your market and industry analysis business plan aligns with your overall goal and vision.

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