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A professional business plan for merger and acquisitions.

Are you looking to grow your business with a merger and acquisition deal? Merger and acquisition (M&A) is an important corporate restructuring strategy that business owners adopt to consolidate profits or enhance market share.

The strategic business reasons behind merger and acquisition could include:

  • Optimization of profit
  • Diversifying services or products
  • Reducing competition
  • Adding capabilities
  • Boosting shareholder value

A merger is when two firms integrate into one unified firm with shared control, profit and ownership while an acquisition is when one firm takes over another entity. In an acquisition, the acquiring company purchases the assets of a target company or obtains ownership through paid up capital.

In 2018, 12,688 M&A transactions were recorded in the U.S. while 375 of these had a total value that exceeded $1 billion. Whether you are acquiring a company or looking for a merger, the key to a successful transaction is a comprehensive merger and acquisition business plan.

The critical role of peparing all information for a succesful merger and acquisition

A merger and acquisition business plan is an effective tool that is of immense importance to both the seller and the buyer in the M&A transaction. Given the high stakes involved, an M&A transaction can be stressful to both the seller and the buyer.

Many considerations accompany a business acquisition. Not only is it important to consider the cost factor of a merger or purchase, you also need to give careful thought to integration with the new firm. Effective integration, accurate target identification, sound due diligence and removal of economic uncertainty are some of the most important factors that determine the success of an M&A deal.

A detailed and professional business plan for merger and aquisitions removes the uncertainties associated with the M&A, making the transition smooth.

After completing the first initiatives, the next step in an acquisition if you are the buyer is to determine the value of the entity you are looking to acquire. Subsequently, you need to identify potential funding sources for the transaction which could include equity, debt, cash, or angel investor funds.

Next, your game plan needs to include a description of your target market, products or services, corporate value, financial performance, and the new organizational structure. Creating the merger and acquisition model and describing the pathways to maximize return on investment are the other crucial details to be included in your business plan.

Given the complexity of M&A transactions, leaving the exacting details of merger and acquisition business plan to specialists at saves you time, money and efforts while optimizing the process. Our consultants know first hand how to write a business plan for you achieving your business goals.

What will the merger and acquisitions business plan include?

At, we have experts who have experience with a wide range of M&A transactions. Our business plan creation is based on the hands-on experience we have gained over more than a decade (see also business plan company takeover or business plan business expansion). Some of the details that we include in our professional business plan for merger and acquisition are:

  • An executive summary that introduces your firm along with a description of the services and products that will emerge from the acquisition or merger.
  • Highlight of your firm’s target markets and a review of industry trends that will impact the M&A.
  • Review of the reasons behind the merger or acquisition and an explanation of how the M&A is expected to strengthen your business.
  • Details regarding the ownership of assets and properties along with a description of which of the assets or properties would be retained and/or released.
  • Determination of the utilization of shared equipment and inventory in a merger or acquisition. Explanation of the steps that your firm will take to optimize functioning and value of these assets.
  • Identification of opportunities and external threats that the M&A needs to deal with. Along with a careful look at industry competition, customer demands and government regulation, a description of strategies to overcome threats and make the utmost use of opportunities.
  • Comprehensive list of products and services the business will focus on after the merger and acquisition deal. Categorization of the original services and products as opposed to the newly acquired ones.
  • Explanation of procedures and costs of implementing the desired changes after merging the businesses.
  • Identification of any new products or services that emerge after a merger of company resources. Details of new inventory or equipment that are required post M&A.
  • Description of the target market for the new firm with an explanation of how the market is expected to change as a result of the M&A transaction. Differentiation of the market with separate categories of existing, acquired and new markets. Since our experts have gained specific market and industry knowledge over the years on the job.
  • Description of strategies that ascertain how the new firm will maintain the existing customer base and acquire new ones.
  • Creation of financial statements for the M&A that include each owner’s personal financial statements.
  • Provision of income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statements for your business prior to M&A and use of realistic estimates and figures for forecasting the business. offers you high-quality business plan writing for mergers and acquisitions

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