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Canada is one of the hottest start-up markets in the world today. In fact, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) ranks Canada as the best place for entrepreneurship in the world.

Of course, while Toronto does get a special mention for being the country’s start-up capital, other cities aren’t far behind. One city that is getting an excellent reputation for slowly becoming one of the best start-up hubs in Canada in Montreal. Montreal in the Quebec province is rapidly growing in the scope and size of its economic contribution. The city sees thousands of immigrants, tourists, and visitors each year, who bring with them the potential for a large business. This makes Montreal an excellent stage for start-ups in Canada.

Today, Montreal has over 45 collaborative working spaces where financers, incubators, suppliers, government officials, and media personnel all come together to bring business ideas to life. This has allowed the city’s economy to flourish. Montreal contributed over $193 billion to Quebec province’s $370 billion GDP in 2018. The city is expected to see a 2.9% increase in revenues this year too. The industries with the highest growth have been construction, retail, entertainment, and F&B. If you’re an entrepreneur who belongs to one of these industries, you can definitely expect roaring success by setting up a new business here.

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Increase in FDI leading the charge

One of the primary reasons for the thriving start-up culture in Montreal is the increase in the number of foreign direct investments the city is receiving.

Economic development agency Montreal International saw over $500 million being invested in areas like Artificial intelligence, video games & AI/VR technology. Other industries like aerospace, life sciences, FinTech, and healthcare also saw an infusion of foreign funds. This external financial support has helped improve the technology, infrastructure, and resources available for Montreal start-ups; further increasing their rate of success.

Global talent pool supports innovation

According to the Forbes’ Global Diversity and Inclusion Report, top leadership around the world believe there is a direct correlation between diversity and innovation. The greater the diversity, the higher the innovation.

Montreal, being a potpourri of cultures and home to hundreds of ethnicities, is immensely diverse. This allows entrepreneurs to find partners, employees, financers, and suppliers who can bring in global skills to the business and help it succeed. Today, Montreal offers numerous immigration integration programs, which allow immigrants to settle into the city faster, which further reduces the time to market for new businesses.

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