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Everyone enjoys music, and there are millions of people around the world who are very interested in learning music from a qualified professional. If you are a trained musician and you have the entrepreneurial spirit, starting a music school is a great way to channel your interests and your passions.

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The evergreen trade of music – economic aspects

The IFPI Global Music Report 2019 showed that the total, global revenue from the recorded music market in 2018 reached US$19.1 billion. This doesn’t include the revenues generated from live shows, online streamed content, YouTube performances, and advertisements. Together, the global music industry earns revenue in the trillions, making it an extremely profitable venture for everyone involved.

For entrepreneurs trained in music, a music school is an excellent way to create a successful and lucrative business. This is where our business plan experts can add value. We have worked with numerous companies, and we have extensive experience writing business plans. We can work with you to understand the nuances of your music school business, and we can create a highly effective and exciting business plan, which you can show to bankers and financiers.

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