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Over the years, the economic landscape has become increasingly competitive. It’s a dog eat dog world in which only the most prepared survive. And at, we are on a mission to help startups and small and medium-sized businesses achieve success by providing them with the most comprehensive business plan writing service in the state.

Nebraskas Business Potential?

While small business owners thrive in Nebraska thanks to its low cost of living and a flourishing professional community, several additional reasons place the state at No.14 in CNBC’s America’s Top States for Business 2018.

  • Cost of doing business – low taxes and state-sponsored initiatives that encourage business owners
  • Excellent educational institutions – which produce highly qualified professionals
  • Good quality of life – with great accessibility to quality health care, comprehensive health coverage, and low crime rates, Nebraska provides an excellent backdrop for startups.
  • A relaxed business environment – where businesses are not bogged down by heavy regulatory and legal requirements

Nebraska’s unemployment rate of 3 percent is lower than the national average. The state is ranked 7th and 9th in terms of fiscal stability and infrastructure. The cost of doing business in the state is 7.4 percent less than the national average.

In a study conducted by Forbes, Nebraska was ranked the fifth best state in the country to do business. Omaha, the largest city in Nebraska has a lower cost of living and start-up cost than many other cities in the country. Many Fortune 500 companies including ConAgra and Berkshire Hathaway have their offices in the city. Additionally, the city runs various support programs for entrepreneurs.

How We Can Assist You

If you have an established business and are looking for ways to help it succeed or if you are a fledgling entrepreneur, by partnering with us, we will help you scale to new heights. And this is how:

  • For over ten years, we have designed and developed customized business plans for Nebraskans and business owners nationwide. Having a robust business plan drastically improves your chances of gaining venture capital, bank financing, making new collaborations, and bringing in more customers.
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For more details and insight have a look at our business plan advisor. To thrive in an increasingly competitive environment, it is imperative you have a professional business plan for your product, business, vision and business plan objectives.  So if your business doesn’t have one or if you are looking to update your current plan, give a call and join our long list of delighted and more importantly, successful clients. Together we will figure out a customized outline for your business:


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