Business Plan for Northern Ireland

Professional business plan creation for Northern Ireland

A professional business plan for Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland has a small, yet steady economy that is expected to see tremendous future growth. So, if you are a business owner that can see ahead and is always on the lookout for opportunities for development, then Northern Ireland may be the right place for you.

If you plan to set up your business here, you are going to need a business plan for Northern Ireland, so that you have a clear and workable business model which will impress potential investors and lenders.

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Doing succesful business in Northern Ireland

Here are some of the reasons why doing business in Northern Ireland may turn out to be a great decision for you.

  • Northern Ireland has a steadily-growing economy

Out of all the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland has the smallest economy, and it also has the smallest population. Moreover, it actually has a GDP per capita of £15,200, which is greater than both Wales and North East England. The Irish economy has seen steady growth in recent years, and future growth is expected to be even stronger.

  • Northern Ireland has an affordable cost of living

Compared to the rest of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland is very affordable thanks to its relatively lower cost of living. In fact, people in Northern Ireland enjoy a more affordable market than other parts of the UK. Currently, the average salary in Belfast, the capital city, is £24,798. A lower cost of living means that employers can offer lower pays without employees having to compromise on their quality of life.

  • Northern Ireland has many skilled employees

With three universities and six further education colleges, Northern Ireland produces plenty of fresh talent every year. As a business, you may wonder if the place you are setting up shop in would be able to provide you with skilled employees, and the answer is yes when it comes to Northern Ireland.  Unemployment has steadily been decreasing over the years. Also, the cost of labour in Northern Ireland is relatively lower compared to other parts of the UK.

  • Northern Ireland has the benefits of investing in the UK

As part of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland offers businesses many of the benefits of doing business and investing in the UK. For instance, the World Bank has named the UK as the top country when it comes to ease of doing business. The UK also has plenty of government incentives for businesses.

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