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Canada’s capital city Ottawa, is considered to be one of the world’s best start-up hubs. The city has a massive GDP of US$ 58.2 billion, one of the highest in Canada, and its extraordinary economic performance has to do with its thriving start-up culture.

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The Ottawa start-up environment

Dubbed the “Silicon Valley of the North,” Ottawa is home to some of the most successful and oldest of tech start-ups in Canada. The city has more than 1800 tech start-ups, and it is expected to generate over 10,000 STEM jobs by the end of 2019.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is the highest performing tech industry in Ottawa. Over US$1.4 billion were raised as investments for the SaaS market in 2018, and experts believe the industry will only grow further and attract more investment. Technology, office space, and tech employee costs are one of the lowest in the country.

Other lucrative industries include AI, healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing.

Entrepreneur friendly initiatives

The Ottawa Government has many business-friendly initiatives in place, which make the city a prime start-up hub. The Women Entrepreneurship Strategy Ecosystem Fund is a special Ottawa initiative with a collective funding capacity of US$100 million, designed to support women entrepreneurship in the city.

Then there is the IO Pre-Accelerator Program, which is one of Ottawa’s most-robust entrepreneurship accelerator programs, which gives entrepreneurs a leg-up through access to resources and mentoring.

All of these make it very easy to set-up and successfully run a business in the city.

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