Business plan for your own planning

A professional business plan for your own planning.

When a business plan is mentioned, it is often associated with its importance when applying for guarantees or loans (see business plan for bank loan). Entrepreneurs can easily feel that the business plan is primarily a kind of proof of their professional and entrepreneurial qualifications for a future-oriented business startup; an externally imposed test, comparable to the examinations and semester work known from school and study.

This is partly forgotten, that the ever-evoked necessity of business plan writing is mainly motivated quite differently: the business plan is a proven tool for the planning and examination of activities and investments to be made in the context of the startup and the initial period of active operation. The establishment of later approaches to a concrete controlling to be expanded during the founding phase is a common and proven practice which is absolutely recommended. Controlling requires appropriate targets, set out in the business plan and periodically delimited, as well as a suitable key figure system. The business development should be immediately and accurately identifiable at all times in order to enable startups in the case of deviations from the actual development from the planning prepared in the business plan to immediately initiate suitable and appropriate control measures. Based on the tangible business model, a specific problem area can be immediately identified in target deviations.

In a sense, the business plan also serves the preparation of a “raw business idea” which is then formulated in detail, checked for plausibility, and, if gaps or inconsistencies are noticed, refined and improved accordingly. Within the scope of this repeated optimization, the concept should also be submitted to competent third parties, whose unbiased perspective may possibly provide further knowledge to be taken into account in the business plan.

A well-designed business plan also has a positive psychological effect for founders: the written record of a document gives you a certain degree of certainty, to start something tangible, and to consider all aspects of the business start-up. A completed business plan is a market-ready and fully developed business idea, created by founders and consultants, to be found viable and promising.

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