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A professional business plan for Quebec.

What are your business goals? How are you planning to attain these goals in Quebec? Quebec was once a declining economy with a declining working-age population, lagging labor productivity, and feeble business investment. But things turned around a couple of years back, and Quebec’s economy grew stronger and stronger, making it an economic powerhouse.

A powerhouse economy needs a professional business plan for an auspicious beginning of a business venture. Business plan writing services offered by our business plan experts is what every venture, new or old needs to succeed in a growing economy. We offer customized solutions for your individual business plan objective.

Starting a business in Quebec

The manufacturing and services sector dominates Quebec, and it is ranked 21st largest economy in the Organisation for Co-operation and Development. If Quebec were a country, it would have ranked among the top fifty largest economies in the world.

The growing economy of Quebec represented almost 20% of Canada’s total GDP in 2018, resulting in a drastic fall in the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate fell to its lowest at 5.5% in forty years. A rise in labor productivity growth was also seen after a rise in business capital investment. Thought the economic growth is a little slow, it is expected to have sustainable growth over the years. The economy of Quebec promises growth and ample investment opportunities for new business ventures in various sectors such as information technology, finance, aerospace, biotechnology, agriculture, tourism, among others.  For more branches know-how: see specific market and industry knowledge.

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