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Any outfit is incomplete without a pair of stylish shoes. Comfortable, stylish shoes never go out of style. People tend to need different pairs to wear to work and for casual occasions. Additionally, the craze for designer shoes has increased over the past few years. The global footwear market reflects this need and especially in the U.S. it is a a multi-billion dollar industry. The US has the largest footwear market with shoe shops and stores in the world, with round about 79.86 billion dollars in revenue (2017).

If you are thinking about starting or expanding a business that can help generate a steady stream of income, opening a shoe shop can be the way forward. Do you think the first step that you need to take when starting a shoe shop is getting investors on board? Wrong! Before beginning to meet investors, you need to prepare well. Approaching an investor without a professional business plan is a recipe for disaster.

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