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South Africa has always been on the map for people considering entrepreneurship. The country, which is a potpourri of cultures, has always had a very homogenous market, which is extremely beneficial to new businesses. Entrepreneurs can easily introduce new products/services and see how they perform in such an open and accepting market.

So, if you’re thinking about starting a new business or expanding your business overseas, you should consider South Africa.

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A highly-evolved and lucrative market for new ventures

In addition to its extremely welcoming, accepting, and homogenous markets, there are other factors which make South Africa one of the most preferred places to start a business.

Research by the Heritage Foundation in South Africa shows that this large and beautiful African nation offers businesspeople, entrepreneurs, and citizens greater economic freedom than first-world nations like Italy and Greece. The country has ranked #77 out of 180 economies in terms of offering financial freedom according to the 2019 study.

Business owners in South Africa today have more avenues to earn, spend, and invest their money. They get very high returns on their investments too, making South African-based businesses very lucrative for everyone involved. This is excellent news for business owners and financiers who are tired of working in an economic landscape that stiles their operations and revenue generation capacity.

In addition to this, South Africa is one of the freest countries in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region, for intra-country trade and cross-border trade. The country ranks #4 out of the 47 countries located in the Sub-Sahara African region, and it stands at #77 rank out of 180 economies in the world, for the amazing trade freedom it offers. This ranking is predominantly the consequence of the numerous economic reforms and regulatory changes that President Cyril Ramaphosa ushered in (like the SA SME Fund for supporting entrepreneurship), when he took oath in February 2018. Today, imports & exports account for more than 58% of the country’s GDP.

While it is true that South Africa isn’t currently the country with the easiest business access, President Ramaphosa’s government has brought in many major improvements, which have provided the South African economy macroeconomic and microeconomic stability, greater investment freedom, improved judicial effectiveness, and a reduced tax burden. All of these have together helped the country retain their Baa3 Moody’s Long-term Corporate Obligation Rating. Although this rating isn’t the best, South Africa has shown significant and steady improvement in making its internal environment more conducive for new businesses.

This type of positive development is indicative that entrepreneurs in South Africa can expect many greater changes to the country’s economic and commercial landscape, which will help them do a very profitable business.

A haven for (women) entrepreneurs

A Facebook sponsored study (conducted by Development Economics) has shown that the traditional barriers to women entrepreneurship are slowly coming down in South Africa. Women are now finding it easier to access investments, procure resources, find talent, and access skills/knowledge training.

It is estimated that the country will see around 803,000 women-led businesses in the next 4-5 years and these businesses are expected to create more than 972,000 jobs and collectively boost South Africa’s economy by R175 billion (a little over $12 billion).

Additionally, the South African government, in conjunction with the Department of Women, the  Department of Cooperative Governance and the Department of Trade and Industry have established many programs like the Technology for Women In Business (TWIB), B’avumile Skills Development Initiative, South African Women Entrepreneurs’ Network (SAWEN) and Technogirls Programme, which seek to empower and financial emancipate women, giving them the resources to start new businesses in the country.

These statistics and facts show how South Africa is slowly becoming an amazing space for women who either want to start a new business or who wish to expand their existing company.

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