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Southern Australia has become the newest and fastest-growing start-up hub in entire Australia.

According to a report by the Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre at the University of Adelaide, Southern Australia ranks much higher than other, more developed nations, when it comes to the economic and non-economic support it lends to start-ups. The study shows that 9.1% of the 18-64 population in Southern Australia is actively involved in a start-up. This is much higher than the entire United Kingdom combined, where only 8.4% of the population is engaged in some entrepreneurial activity. Seniors-led businesses are also increasing in number in Southern Australia. 7.8% of the population aged between 55 and 64 run a business.

While Southern Australia’s start-up figures are still relatively lower than the rest of Australia combined (12.2%), the region is increasing its support of entrepreneurship. This is one of the reasons why the Southern Australian economy is growing at a tremendously fast pace. The district recently overtook Tasmania and Queensland in terms of revenues generated. It is now the fourth-highest revenue-generating region in Australia, contributing 5.84% to the country’s GDP. Experts estimate a 2.5% increase to the region’s GDP during 2019-2020.

In terms of industries, Southern Australia has always supported the agriculture, mining, and construction industry. But now, the region is experiencing growth in other industries like retail ($1773 million) and tourism & hospitality (which values upwards of $6.7 billion). The Government is also introducing programs and measures to grow these industries. So entrepreneurs specializing in retail and hospitality can find immense success in Southern Australia.

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