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A professional business plan for Switzerland.

Think of Switzerland, and the first thought that comes to mind for most is Swiss Chocolates and Swiss watches. True, this beautiful Central European country is best known for its chocolates and watches, but it is also known as one of the most scenic countries in the world. It’s beautiful calm lakes, picturesque little villages, and the snow-clad Alps in the background are stuff that fairytales are made of. Switzerland has some major landmarks like Berne’s (the capital of Switzerland) Zytglogge clock, as well as Lucerne’s wooden chapel bridge. It is known for its large ski resorts and also its hiking trails. The country is a perfect holiday destination. But its also a place of many businesses – especially banking and finance which are its key industries.

In this exciting environment we offer customized solutions for your individual business plan objective.

Businesses and economy of Switzerland

According to the most recent statistics, the population of Switzerland is 8,613,804 – that is 0.11% of the world population. Switzerland has one of the most competitive economies – the credit goes to its service sector. The country has the second-highest GDP in the world. The service sector generates a whopping 74% of this GDP. The rest is generated from industries. Important industries include agriculture – which makes up only a small fraction of the country’s economy but an extremely important industry. Tourism, commodities trade, and machine and electrical engineering are other important industries. Common jobs include employment in banking, insurance, IT, pharmaceuticals, and engineering. Some of the biggest businesses in Switzerland include Nestle, Novartis, Roche, and Glencore International.

Doing succesful business in Switzerland

Switzerland is open to foreigners and locals opening or starting businesses on its soil. While there are legal formalities to get a business going – especially if you are a foreigner who wishes to set up a start-up in Switzerland, there are important aspects of the business itself that must be considered. For example, one of the first steps you will need to take when starting a new business is to come up with a professional business plan. A professional business plan is an essential and mandatory document that will serve you several purposes.

  1. A business plan helps you run your company with a clear vision (see business plan for your own planning).
  2. It is a document that helps you analyze all the different parts of your organization – marketing, sales, website design, manufacturing, advertising, etc. With a bird’s eye view of all the different aspects of your company in one place, your business will have a greater chance of success.
  3. It is a constant reminder of your company’s purpose, objectives, and goals.
  4. It is your company’s resume that defines your objectives and plans to investors and vendors (see business plan investment / investor).

While large companies prefer to use their resources to create their business plan, start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses may not have the necessary resources and knowledge to create their business plan.

If you would like a professional business plan created for you, some organizations can create one for you. is a team of business plan experts that has been creating customized and professional business plans for over ten years. can help you

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  • Create a plan for you from scratch to finish. If you are a start-up and lack the required knowledge to create a specialized business plan, our team can create a customized professional business plan for you.

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