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The Table of Content section in a professional business plan.

The Table of Contents is an extremely important part of all types of written material. From books to essays to business plans, it’s essential that writers include a table of contents in the content. But why? The table of contents provides a few key advantages to the writer and the written material. When it comes to a business plan in particular, a table of contents:

  • Introduces your business plan to the reader

The table of contents in a professional business plan introduces your new business to investors, suppliers and prospective business partners. It helps provide an overview of what readers can expect to read within the business plan.

  • Helps readers judge the scope of your business

Since a business plan table of contents breaks down each and every aspect of your new business, financers can actually see and judge the true magnitude of your new venture.

  • Indicates your attention to detail

A professionally written table of contents lists not just sections, but also particular subheads within each section of the plan. Every sub-point written will show investors the level of detail you’ve worked on and this can convince them of your serious intentions in starting a company.

  • Makes navigation easier

If an investor is interested in perusing a specific part of the business plan first, he will find the table of contents extremely useful in finding the relevant sections within the plan.

  • Offers readers an insight into the entrepreneur’s personality

Finally, the table of contents is an excellent way to judge the entrepreneur himself. A business plan table of contents that contains extremely creative headings with unique wordings shows that the entrepreneur is a creative and fun person. This can give readers an insight into how the entrepreneur will treat his co-workers and the style of management he will apply to the business. For more information take a look at our business plan advisor.

It’s alright if entrepreneurs don’t have much experience creating a quality business plan table of contents. Our team at is always here to help. Our professional business plan company has a pool of super-talented business plan writers, who can easily understand your business profile and we can write compelling professional business plans, which are sure to impress your readers. Our business plan experts are extremely adept at writing in various tones and styles. We can mimic your writing style to reflect your personality when developing the table of contents.

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One of the best things about a table of contents is how it can provide extensive information about the written material, within a few seconds. With a well-written table of contents, entrepreneurs can hook potential investors right from the start and engage them, as they provide details about their proposed business.

Our business plan consulting service is geared to help you design your table of contents with care. We will sit with you and help you decide what you should and should not include in your table of contents.

Typically, a business plan table of contents includes the following sections:

  • Executive summary/abstract
  • Mission & vision statements
  • Company overview
  • Industry/market analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Product & service portfolio description
  • Marketing & sales strategies
  • Operations strategies
  • Financing strategies
  • Technology/technical strategies
  • Management/leadership overview
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix

At, our staff of highly-trained and experienced business plan writers will plan and write all the relevant data in an organized pattern. They will be succinct, yet explicit in the way they provide information. Further more our experts review your business plan at any stage or you can fully outsource your business plan creation process.

All table of content drafts will be submitted to you for edits, and only once you’re happy with the outcome, will we close the project.

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