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Its rich history, world-class facilities, nature preserves, and vibrant music community are a few reasons why Texas, The Lone Star State, so famous. The state already has the reputation of being the #1 supplier of oil and natural gas in the country.

Texas is a major contributor to the US economy. It has a per capita income of $49,161, which is 92% of the national average. It produces more crude oil than any other state in the US. It is also home to a number of companies that have made their way to the Fortune 100 list of “Best Companies to Work for” and currently hosts nearly 2.4 million small businesses. Dallas and Austin are two of the best cities for startups in America currently. What better place can you think of to start a business?

Not to forget, as of November 2018, Texas ranked first for its growth prospects and third for the present economic climate. There are about a hundred-and-two of the top 1,000 largest public and private American companies in Texas, including big-shots like ExxonMobil and Dell. Startup activity in the state ranks second in the nation among larger states, making it a little behind California.

To keep pace with such a burgeoning professional culture, you might need a provider of business plan writing service for Texas. As a fledgling entrepreneur or small business owner, your business plan holds the key to attracting investments. It establishes the long-term milestones and credibility of your business.

As such, creating a business plan is one of the most crucial functions that you have to focus on as an entrepreneur. Let be your partner here (for market and regional aspects of a business plan see our advisor).

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A business plan is your touchpoint with your investors. You need to ensure that it’s developed meticulously. Get in touch with our business plan experts in Texas at We will help you come up with a business plan that wows your investors. Give us your request for a business plan here:

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