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A professional business plan for Toronto.

Toronto is a fantastic city, filled to the brim with endless opportunities. Home to an ethnically diverse population, vibrant neighborhoods, and a thriving economic landscape, the city has a competitive urban terrain. We offer professional business plan writing service for all objectives and markets.

With a riot of cultural festivals, the finest shopping and dining experiences, stunning beaches, expansive green spaces, and a vibrant entertainment terrain, Toronto is unquestionably a good place to live and work. Plus, it’s also a popular destination for small and medium-sized business owners as well.

Why Toronto is a Great Place for Expanding Businesses

In a recent study conducted by StartupBlink – Startup Ecosystem Rankings 2019, out of 1,000 cities around the world, Toronto ranked #15 for its excellent startup potential. Several criteria were used to rate cities globally, including the business environment that allows entrepreneurs and business owners to thrive.

  • Robust financial stability – The city has good investment opportunities, which provides business owners with good access to short and long term capital. In turn, this reduces the risk of exchange rate fluctuations and inflation instability significantly.
  • Lower operating cost – According to KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives Report 2016, Toronto ranked 5th among several large cities globally for business cost competitiveness.
  • Low Tax Rates – The governments of Toronto, Ontario, and Canada extend an array of incentives to business owners with a view of promoting business growth in the city. Tax rates are very competitive, with a combined corporate income tax rate of 26.5%. Plus, with the removal of more than 1,500 tariffs on machinery, equipment, and manufacturing inputs, Canada was the first of the G20 countries to become a tax-free zone for manufactures.
  • Good Labour Force – With regards to the percentage of the population that have completed post-secondary education, Canada places among the top OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries. And Toronto residents have a higher level of educational achievement than their counterparts in other Canadian cities. So that speaks for itself.

With great proximity to major cities, robust international trade agreements, and a popular destination for venture capitalists and angel investors, Toronto is also a very competitive global city as well.

So if you have a start-up or an established small or medium-sized business and are looking to grow your brand, then you unquestionably need a professional business plan for Toronto to stay steps ahead of your competition.

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