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Economic development in Virgina

According to CNBC, Virginia ranks an amazing 4th among America’s Top States for Business 2018, which is an improvement from its No.7 placement in the previous year. And here is why the state is doing so well not just for mid-size businesses, but for start-ups as well:

  • Highly educated and accessible labor force
  • Business-friendly economic environment – The regulatory reform bill plans to decrease regulation by 25% over the next 2 years.
  • Access to Capital – A good availability of banking finance and venture capitalists.
  • Technology – In addition to motivating innovations, Virginia has the infrastructure to bolster them, paving the way for entrepreneurs.
  • Economy – Economic growth and consumer spending play a big role in driving the success of businesses.
  • Quality of Life – Factors such as comprehensive health-insurance coverage, the quality of health care, good anti-discrimination laws, and low crime rates help businesses flourish as well., we create professional business plans for your needs

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