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Wales has always been a thriving country that attracts plenty of companies. In recent years, many car manufacturing companies have even opened factories and offices here. If you plan to set up your business or expand here as well, then you will definitely need a business plan for Wales.

With more than ten years of industry experience, we at, have worked with all kinds of businesses across industries (for different branches see specific market and industry knowledge). This has provided our team of business plan consultants the opportunity to help many entrepreneurs reach new heights through our well-written, research-intensive business plans.

At, we can assure you that we always work hard to write a business plan for Wales that aligns with your business goals and vision. We are committed to excellence and delivering business plans that are realistic, sustainable and measurable.

Expanding or starting your business in Wales with a professional business plan

If you are still not convinced that Wales is a great place to business in, here are some facts that may change your mind and inspire you to have a business plan for Wales ready as soon as possible.

  • Wales has plenty of skilled labor

As of 2015, the labor force of Wales stood at 1.428 million. More than 30 percent of the Welsh population between the ages of 21 to 64 have a college degree, and the country has eight universities that constantly produce fresh talent every year. On top of this, young professionals from other countries are also ready to relocate to Wales as the country offers a great quality of life. All these indicate that there will never be a shortage of skilled labor in Wales.

  • Wales has Enterprise Zones for businesses

The Welsh government has created Enterprise Zones all over the country, which are special zones that have been created with conditions for companies to be able to thrive. Businesses in Enterprise Zones have easy access to financing, better opportunities for growth and development, upgrades to physical as well as virtual infrastructure, financial incentives, etc. As of now, as many as 366 businesses located in such zones have received financial support from the government.

  • Wales has plenty of added incentives

For businesses, there are plenty of added incentives in Wales including non-repayable financing between 10 percent and 45 percent of costs for capital expenses on inward project investments from the government, commercial investments from the Development Wales of Banks, training grants from Skills Growth Wales, funding from the Wales Tourism Investment Fund and more.

  • Wales has the benefits of investing in the UK

As part of the four countries that form the United Kingdom, Wales has all the benefits of doing business in the UK. The World Bank has named the UK as one of the top countries when it comes t ease of doing business. The tax system for businesses is relatively easy to navigate, and there are plenty of grants and schemes available.

So, what are you waiting for? If your business needs experts in creating a business plan for Wales, then is your one-stop solution! Get in touch with us today.

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