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Western Australia has one of the most thriving start-up scenes in all of Australia. With the Government and private investors working together to encourage both in-country and overseas ventures, entrepreneurs can expect massive support and success from this region.

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Western Australia – which stretches from Wyndham in the North to Albany in the South and Denham in the West to Eucla in the East – is an excellent place to start a new business. The region supports numerous SME networks, which include entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, suppliers, government officials, and media personnel, who work together to provide support to aspiring businessmen and women.

The Western Australian economy is driven by the mining industry (which accounts for 30% of its GDP). This makes the region perfect for all businesses that are related to minerals, chemicals, and petroleum products. After six years of slowdown, the Western Australian economy is on the rise, and the region saw a GDP increase of 1.9% in 2018. This has been due to an increase in demand for Western Australian minerals and petrochemicals.

Apart from this, Western Australia is one of the largest service-oriented regions on the island-nation. Over 2/3rd of all Western Australia employees are in the service line – with retail, healthcare and community service being the largest contributors. The region has also seen an increase in the number of takers for online shopping (11% growth in online purchasing from 2017 to 2018). So, entrepreneurs in the hospitality, healthcare and eCommerce sectors can also consider Western Australia for their new business.

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