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Creating a professional business plan with

Creating a business plan means getting an experienced business plan professional on board. You will never be 100% out of business planning, as YOU have the important information about your business in your head (or on paper). Creating a business plan means creating the business plan in collaboration with experienced business plan consultants. You are responsible for the raw information, the business plan professional for preparation of this information to a professional business plan.

In the end, each business plan fulfills two important tasks. Firstly, this is your central planning document, with which you always have the entrepreneurial project in view and thanks to the prepared figures you have an overview of the development, profitability and solvency. Secondly, the business plan is the necessary basis for your financing acquisition from potential investors. A third party needs a decision-making tool on the basis of which they can assess the profitability of the project. This is the meaningful business plan.
The open question is where you can find professional support, how to recognize the right partner, and how to work with the business plan. This is explained in detail in the following article.

Business plan creation made easy through professional support

Where can I find help?

Business plan creation with a professional expert for your business success.

If you are dealing with professional support in the business plan creation, there are a lot of different possibilities for getting help.
On the Internet, you will find some free business plan tools that deliver results with little effort. These tools are explained in detail in the next section. In the first place, these are the minimum requirements and are suitable for the application of micro-investments. You will also find patterns and templates on the Internet. These are always to be used with caution since every business plan is unique.
You have the possibility to be advised by professional founder coaches. This is partially subsidized by the federal government and the state. Find out about the possible funding programs. In the case of company consulting there are specialized consultations and business plans which deal with this as subsidiaries. We will also take a closer look at the quality and price differences between these business plan specialists at a later stage. We also tell you how to find the right partner.

Free Businessplan Tools – Pros & Cons

Free business plan tools create minimal business plans that are only acceptable to apply for the smallest amounts. This is because the questions and the resulting responses are very superficial. They do not contain relevant information on the actual capital requirements or the market opportunities of the young company.
If the statements on the financial situation are still easily verifiable, this is no longer the case for general market opportunities for the product or service. An investor who promotes a company through a loan, however, wants a certain degree of security. This means that he needs detailed information about competitors, the target group and a realistic assessment of success by the young entrepreneur.
In order to be able to assess the chances of success for the young company as well as possible, providers need clear statements on the market. This is obtained by the entrepreneur in a detailed analysis of the market including the target group. Another important issue is the weaknesses and strengths of our own business ideas in relation to the market. Here the SWOT analysis is a valuable tool to provide a first impression. All this information, which is so important to a company’s long-term success, can not provide free business plan tools.

Free business plan creation?

An informative and professional business plan, as required for submission to banks, investors and other sponsors, contains a wealth of information. Part of this information is easy to determine; the rest requires specific research and analysis. Many business owners shy away from this effort and are looking for tools to create a business plan free of charge. The result, however, is far from a professional business plan.
No tool is capable of mapping exactly the content of a business plan. It is made up of superficial questions that do not respond to the individuality of the new entrepreneur and his future company. The only alternative is a template with all the important points. On the basis of the points listed, the future young entrepreneur can incorporate all relevant information into the most important instrument of a business founder.
Whoever seeking long-term success with their newly founded company should take the time to create a professional business plan or to have it developed by experts. The costs involved in the costly work of business plan creation are a good and profitable investment in the company’s future.

Why should I create my business plan?

Creating a business plan means getting professional help. Through cooperation with an experienced business plan professional, an individualized business plan tailored to your needs is created. The important thing is to create your business plan jointly. That means you provide the necessary information about your project and we shape it into a professional business plan.
Working with an expert provides many benefits. In addition to the necessary expertise, they have many years of experience and can avoid errors that frequently occur. An example of a frequently occurring error is the “fine calculation.” Business startups and companies are completely convinced of your business ideas and want to finance them without any risk. In this case, a professional team is an advantage.

The ever-recurring problem that arises when you want to accomplish the task of creating a business plan alone is often the lack of experience and overview of the market. is a business consulting that specializes in exactly this type of support and offers you many years of experience and professional help.
By creating many business plans in different industries, we can often better estimate how much potential your idea has and whether you can open up a niche in the market that has not yet been recognized by anyone or even a few. As mentioned earlier, “let Businessplan create” does not mean that this is an isolated process from which you as a client only get the result.
A well-developed business plan is, among other things, close cooperation with you, because it is your idea and your future company which makes a business plan a convincing tool. Therefore, you should be involved in decisions about important objectives and general development as much as possible because, in effect, you must embody the product and be able to speak for it.
A business plan, however well developed, is of no use to you if you have not fully understood it and can convincingly present it to a potential lender.
Since the creation of a business plan is an individual process, no general statement can be made about the duration and price of such a service. In general, however, an above-average high price, just like an above-average low price, must be questioned.

Finding the right partner for business plan creation – big price and quality difference

Apart from the detailed description of the business area, a professional business plan not only includes a market and competition analysis, but above all a comprehensive and resilient data base: the sales and earnings forecast relates on one hand to the realistic potential for the respective service or the product, but on the other hand to all related costs. In addition, a liquidity forecast should provide information on whether the planned funding is sufficient and from which point in time the startup can be cost-effective. A list of the specific financing requirements and the respective use of funds is used to summarize the findings obtained in order to clearly define the required financial framework, in particular for a bank or for investors.
Against this backdrop, it becomes clear that it needs sound business management, but above all also knowledge about the industry, the market and the competition, in order to be able to estimate the costs and profit margins as well as the potential of a business project in a realistic way. Of course, founders can take advantage of the inexpensive offerings of students, journalists or other providers in order to have their business plan prepared – prices of around one hundred dollars are also tempting at first sight. In contrast, an experienced company consultant or a tax consultant will charge a lot more; as experience shows, the margin starts at about xy dollars. This raises the question of profitability: to spend less, to cut one’s own chances, or to develop a concept that can be implemented from the start?

A professional business plan should include the following content

Just click on the image too see the full pdf-file:









Who is the right point of contact for creating your business plan?

Caution is needed when choosing the institution where you want your business plan to be created. In the business consulting sector, there are many black sheep who demand huge amounts of money and in return create amateurish business plans. On the other hand, there are also providers who can create a “professional” business plan at an extremely low cost – these offers should also be critically questioned. There are only two reasons why a business plan can be extremely cheap:

  1. Only a very short working time is allowed by the vendor to create a business plan (however, a professional business plan can not be created in a few hours).
  2. The provider works at a low hourly rate and offers a transparent business plan price. This can be an indication of a lack of qualification or the consequence of low utilization (the question is “Why?”).

Funded business plans cost between xy, 00 dollars and xy, 00 dollars (depending on the complexity and industry plans, the business plan goal [financing or investor funds], the level of capital requirements, work done by the customer, etc.). We would be pleased to provide you with a fair price for creating a professional business plan. We will be delighted if you would rely on our experience. We have already created more than 2,500 successful business plans for our customers. Simply ask us to create an individualized offer for your business plan:

We have already worked with over 2,500 founders and entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries. As part of a free and non-binding initial discussion, we will make you a tailor-made offer according to your goals and requirements. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us at +1 347-708-1779. We would be delighted to have you create your business plan with us.

You can create a business plan through the management consulting of

Our approach

If you decide to create a business plan with us , the following procedure is customary: after a detailed initial discussion about your project (usually taking about 1-3 hours), you may get one or more small homework assignments. For example, send us your resumé, offers for major investments, etc. After approximately 8 to 10 business days, we will have created a first version of your business plan . They have to read through them easily and above all else understand them. In the event of any uncertainties, questions or mistakes, we will clarify these in the following discussions and, if necessary, rectify them within the scope of a correction loop.

Important: Even if you have the business plan created, you have to understand all the contents and connections in it and, for example, explain it plausibly to a banker, an employee of the employment agency, potential investors.

Here you also have the opportunity to look at our company profile:


Collaboration for professional business plan creation can take place in three forms:

  1. We can create your entire business plan from start to finish.
  2. Partially create a business plan
  3. Let us review your business plan

We can create your entire business plan from start to finish.

The simplest form of collaboration is when our business plan consultants take over the complete business plan creation. At the same time, it is a considerable savings for you and the content will be unique. Based on your delivered, on-point content, the professionals formulate how the business plan meets your project’s requirements. With the corresponding figures on file, a comprehensible, convincing and consistent business plan is the result.

Partially create a business plan

Create a part of the business plan yourself. Typically, you write the text portion and the presentation of the company’s development by means of the numbers we complete. The number must be to the point, realistic and comprehensible. Above all, they must not contradict the content of the text. If you have difficulties with the formulations, you can request that our business plan specialists create the numbers for you.

Let us review your business plan

You can also write the entire business plan and then have it checked by our specialists. Our consultants will give you feedback on whether the content is formally appropriate or if one or another sentence should be adjusted for your specific project. As a result, you will have a high-quality business plan that satisfies the needs of a third party.

There are no binding rules for the creation of a business plan, since this is always individual. Depending on the project, you must address the needs of the stakeholders and supplement them with important content. A professional business plan must be convincing, comprehensible and realistic. Write factually and orientate yourself exclusively to the facts. In general, short, concise sentences and clear structure are essential for simple understanding. Do not hedge anything, trying to score as many points as possible. Visually, the business plan must be easy to read. Therefore pay attention to the graphic design. In practice, the following minimum content has been proven as a good business plan.

Executive Summary
When you are finished with the business plan chapters, you will devote yourself to the summary of the business idea on a maximum of two pages. The Executive or Management Summary formulates all important key factors in the business plan. These must be excellently reproduced. It is the beginning for the reader and if it is not convincing, they will not go further into the business plan, let alone support your project.

Business Concept
The most important component in a business plan is the business idea or the company’s purpose. Your concept must be able to answer the central questions. What is your business idea? Which target group would you like to address? What are the benefits of your idea? This concept serves as an overview and presents your project briefly and precisely. Furthermore, it must be clear from this point for potential investors whether an investment is worthwhile or not.

The product or service
Your offer must provide the customer added value. Why should they use your service or buy your product? It usually offers customers a unique incentive to buy, which is price-independent. Or the price is especially active. In this chapter, examine in detail your offer and its advantages over the competition.

The founder / founder team
In this section the entrepreneurs and business team are introduced. In this case, it should be clear who bears the responsibility for the business concepts and how the individual business divisions in your company are made. Understate the weaknesses. However, provide solutions for how to counter these deficits.

The market and the competition
Market and competition analysis is a very important chapter as this is the basis for the future financial planning. In this chapter, you will discuss exactly how the market is currently looking and how the development and potential for your company will be. You also have to take a closer look at competitors. You should highlight their weaknesses and know their strengths so that your offer is differentiated. Where does the competition sell their products and at what price? What is the communication strategy of the competition? If you know your industry, the market and the competition at its best, you can best assess and successfully position your own company strategy. Stay independent and do not just copy the competition. There is nothing there for inspiration.

The target group
In the end you want to sell. Therefore, you need to know your customers. Who are your customers? What characterizes them? Where can you find and how can you target them? What price are they willing to pay for your offer? These are typical questions that you must answer by means of target group analysis in this chapter.

Marketing and sales
In order to reach your identified target group, you must clarify which communication measures best suit your project. As a result, you create a communication timetable together with the corresponding costs. The distribution channel or channels must also be clarified. Do you sell your goods exclusively online, do you operate a store or a combination of the two? Do you need a sales team or who is going to do this important job? Also, look into why you plan for which measure and distribution channel.

Opportunities and Risks
As an entrepreneur, you must know the risks and opportunities. The risks are mainly the subject of this chapter. Which have you identified and how do you deal with them? Be honest about them at this point. The readers of your business plan are experts and will know the many risks from their own experience. An omission is equivalent to a termination of the possible collaboration. Opportunities are also part of it, after all, so you must know where opportunities for successful business development are offered.

Financial planning
Financial planning is the core of the business plan. The financial plan is not just for your own overview of the current figures in your company, but offers future investors an overview of the extent to which an investment is worthwhile or not. This gives the investor a clear overview of how the individual figures in your company are composed and where they come from. The numbers part is the translation of the text part to plausible planning assumptions.

Capital requirements

In many cases, the business plan is written for the acquisition of capital. In the capital requirements planning you can clarify which investments are necessary and to what extent, which mixture you are striving for between equity and borrowed capital, and which sources you are considering. In all aspects, the right mixture is important. You can and should consider the funding programs of the federal and state governments. These offer low-interest loans. A guarantee may also be required. Find out exactly which opportunities the capital market has in store for your project and decide which business it is suitable for. Also set up an amortization and interest rate plan for the corresponding costs.

Sales plan
Use the data obtained from the market and competition analysis to plan sales for the next three years. Do not be too euphoric, nor totally pessimistic. A realistic market assessment is important at this point.

Cost planning
As an entrepreneur, you must have an eye on all costs. Just as with sales, you plan them for the next three years in advance. Do not forget to include personal cost of living. You can cover this by means of an entrepreneur’s wage. You should be able to live off your business.

Profitability preview
By knowing the sales and costs, you can calculate profitability. If you deduct the cost of sales, you get the profit before tax. This profit forecast is the control instrument for whether the project is worthwhile at all.

Liquidity planning
Liquidity makes important statements as to whether the company is solvent. In this chapter, you will be able to record all cash inflows and outflows with the exact payment date. This is important so that you do not at any time have difficulties making payments. Maintain this chapter meticulously after completion of the project. In this way, you can recognize gaps early on and consider countermeasures.
In order to give you an insight into our services, we provide you with a business plan, which a customer has created by us, as a sample PDF:

See our Sample business plan for visualizing our services:








Maximize your chances of success thanks to a professional business plan

A business plan expert knows exactly what a bank or an investor needs. According to their needs, individual chapters of the business plan should be emphasized.
The bank consultant as a numbers person will, for example, examine the profitability and liquidity of your project, while an investor as a venture capitalist will mainly focus on market potential and the founder team.
For all projects, you have only one chance to board the train. You should use this, and the business plan is the foundation. Our business plan specialists create a tailor-made business plan, which is highly professional in terms of form and, above all, content. With this, you maximize your chances of success for a positive decision on financing, a startup grant or subsidy.
The business plan does not only serve to raise capital. A good business plan is your central planning document for monitoring profitability and liquidity. By continually and periodically maintaining the target and actual figures, you can recognize potential financial bottlenecks at an early stage and respond in a timely manner. The business plan is not a one-time document, which disappears in the drawer. Rather, the business plan is your tool for strategic company management.

Why is each business plan individualized?

The answer to this question is simple. Every entrepreneurial project, the founder and their business model are individual. Therefore, there can not be a standard business plan. Even if the founders come from the same sector, there are at the most some overlaps and similar statements. In sum, the business idea should be distinct from the competition, be unique, and this is to be recorded and formulated in the business plan. Financial planning is also individual, as the investments and the equity ratio of the founder differ.
Emerging or active entrepreneurs have different strengths and weaknesses. In the formulation of the text part, one or the other is not as strong because of the number of employees, and needs more help with these business plan chapters. They do the financial planning themselves. For others it is exactly the opposite. The numbers are the biggest worries. This is why it is important to create a business plan.

The advantages at a glance

What are the benefits of professional business plan creation through the consulting of

  • Time savings
  • Quality through professionalism
  • Targeted business plan
  • Maximum success
  • Realistic financial plan
  • Low risk due to money-back guarantee (see section on terms and conditions)
  • Reliability
  • Punctuality
  • Network effects for your industry
  • High success rate
  • Access to numerous qualified market and industry data
  • Expertise in many industries, thereby knowing realistic figures for prices, costs, sales
  • Free initial consultation
  • Extensive experience through more than 300 written business plans annually

Only individualized offers are possible

With professional business plans only an individualized offer is possible. A serious consultant will not set a flat-rate price, since every business project requires a different approach: If a commercial transaction is successful, the chances of success, cost quotas and profit margins can be assessed well; less research is necessary than, for example, than with the launch of an innovative product. On the other hand, the extent to which the founders should prepare a business plan depends on the funding requirements and the potential beneficiaries: the application for a startup grant is less necessary than for bank loans or negotiations with investors.
For this reason, we will only be able to determine a price if we know more about the project, the founders and the financing requirements; then we can better assess our actual expenditure. We think that only an individualized offer which takes into account all of these aspects, can be a fair offer. has specialized in creating professional business plans for over ten years. We operate across the US and access a network of over 60 business plan specialists. Our award-winning consultants have many years of expertise in a wide range of industries and a variety of projects. Whether you are writing the business plan for yourself, a bank or a venture capital provider, we know exactly what the target audience needs. This valuable expertise and business training maximizes your prospects for success. And if you are rejected because of a lack of quality of our business plan, your entire fee for the business plan creation will be refunded. We are confident in our business plan performance and therefore offer our customers a money-back guarantee (see section Procedure & Conditions).

If you want to have your business plan created, simply contact here.

For more related topics see our informative advisor.

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