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Millions of people around the world have the “American Dream.” They wish to migrate to the United States of America and create a new life for themselves. One way of achieving this dream is to apply for a US visa. This visa gives them the legal opportunity to reside in the United States. The US Government offers a variety of visas through which applicants can gain entry into the United States. One such visa is the EB-5 visa (see also other versions for business plan immigration).

What is the EB-5 Visa?

A professional EB-5 business plan.

The EB-5 Visa, also called the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program, is a visa which allows investors to become permanent, lawful residents of the United States of America. Once they are granted the visa, they are referred to as “Green card holders”.

One way of applying for the EB-5 visa is to prepare a professional business plan, that outlines the nature of investment you wish to make in the country. At Businessplan.org, we are business plan experts, who have extensive experience creating EB-5 business plans. Our business plan writers can draft the most compelling and effective EB-5 business plans for you. Contact us for more information about our services.

What are the benefits to outsource your EB-5 business plan to us?

The business plan you submit to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services determines whether you get the visa or not. A professional business plan will ensure that you are awarded your EB-5 visa. This is where business plan writing service providers like Businessplan.org come into the picture. The reality is that many applicants don’t know what items should be included in an EB-5 business plan. For example, did you know that to successfully qualify for an EB-5 visa, you need to:

  • Invest a minimum of $1,000,000 in business in the United States.
  • Hire at least 10 American citizens in your new company.
  • Meet the Matter of Ho legal compliance requirements & submit an approved I-526 form.

Not only should you know these facts, but you should also show the officials that you’ve met these requirements. This is where a professional business plan becomes important. Our business plan creation company has worked with numerous clients, helping them draft premium-quality business plans. We can create for you an amazing business plan that will impress the United States visa officials.

Speak to us to order a business plan for your EB-5 visa application. We are reputed for our budget-friendly business plan pricing.

Important elements of your EB-5 business plan

As we’ve mentioned above, the EB-5 business plan must contain a formal declaration about business investment. When writing your business plan, our business plan consultants will sit with you to understand the specifics of your proposed investment. We will then conduct in-depth research about your industry, your competition, and your profitability. Then we will get started with the business plan creation service.

The elements we will focus on in your EB-5 business plan include:

  • The proposed business or investment

Your proposed EB-5 business projects must either be existing businesses or a new start-up. Essentially, you can either invest in an American company, or you can start your own business in America. At the time of submitting the EB-5 business plan, you must have already purchased or set-up the company.  Information about the company’s location, geographical scope, product/service specialization, and customers must be provided in the plan. You should also provide information about the investment you plan to make. You should include a list of your financiers and your investment schedule, if you have one.

This is where our Businessplan.org’s consultants support you with experienced business plan help. We can collate this data and create very effective material for your new professional business plan.

  • Business projections & strategies

Next, you need to provide details about how your proposed business will work on the ground. In reality, the EB-5 business plan is a sales pitch you make to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Here, you show the United States Government how you intend to add value to the country. You will be granted the EB-5 visa based on how effective this pitch is.

Our business plan service focuses on showing your application in the best light. Our business plan experts will conduct extensive research and provide valuable statistics in support of your business. We will show how your new business is a good addition to the United States’ economy. We will collate data from various sources and merge them with your expectations and projections. Everything including market analysis, promotion strategies, operations strategies, financing & investing strategies will be incorporated here.

We will then draft a compelling business plan that is intended to bring you a positive result. Our research-backed business plan will drive away any uncertainties that visa officials may have about you.

  • Evidence of Matter of Ho fulfillment

The Matter of Ho compliance is the most important step in the EB-5 business plan process. Here, the investor needs to show that they are truly committed to adding value to the United States’ economy. Here, you need to show sufficient proof of your intention to:

  • Invest legal funds (i.e. no dubious earnings or black money).
  • Create jobs.
  • Follow the rules and regulations set up by the United States Government.

The plans by our EB-5 business plan writers will provide all of this information in a streamlined manner. Once you provide this information to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, you will be eligible to receive the I-526. This approved petition is the final step in your EB-5 visa application. This form is proof that the information you have provided is valid & trustworthy. It shows the United States Government that you will be a contributing member of the country.

At Businessplan.org, our objective is to help you receive this approved I-526 petition. We work to ensure that your business plan gets you the EB-5 visa in the shortest time. Our end-to-end business plan consulting process is designed to help you achieve your American Dream.

Don’t worry about our business plan fees

At Businessplan.org, we offer a wide selection of visa business plan writing services at the friendliest of prices. Our EB-5 business plan is designed to suit the needs and budgets of various applicants.

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