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Talent drives innovation, growth, and profits. That’s why companies invest so much in harnessing talented people. When companies wish to utilize their HR talent in another country, they send the employee overseas. If this employee is being sent to the United States, the company or the employee must apply for the L-1 visa (as well as a business plan for EB-5 or a business plan for E-2).

What is the L-1 visa?

A professional L-1 business plan.

The L-1 visa is an intracompany transfer visa which allows qualified employees to move to the United States. It is essentially a work visa, which is granted to the employee for a temporary duration of time. Typically, the owner of the business applies for this visa on behalf of the employee. However, the employee can apply for the visa himself, but in the company’s name. To get the L-1 visa, certain requirements must be fulfilled:

  • The company must possess a sister branch in the United States (if an existing company).
  • The employee must be chosen for a specific skill or service which he can impart.

When applying for the L-1 visa, the applicant must submit a pitch to show why he deserves the visa. This pitch is called the L-1 business plan. At Businessplan.org, we are experienced business plan writers. We offer specialized business plan writing service to L-1 visa applicants. Our business plan experts can work with you to create an effective and memorable business plan.

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Types of L-1 visas

There are two types of L-1 visas that companies can apply for:

  • L-1A visa

The L-1A visa category is meant for employees in a supervisory or managerial capacity. It is used primarily to send managers to run or set up the company’s branches in the United States. The L-1A visa is granted for a one year period for start-ups and a three year period for existing companies.  This visa can be extended for up to 7 years, in select cases.

  • L-1B visa

The L-1B visa category is designed for highly-skilled non-managerial and non-supervisory applicants. To be eligible for the L-1B visa, the applicant must possess a specialized skill, knowledge, or expertise. The skill/knowledge can be related to products, services, machinery, strategies and so on. This visa is granted only when the company’s employees in the US do not possess the same skill/knowledge.The L1-B visa is granted for a one year period for start-ups and a three year period for existing companies. This visa can be extended for up to 5 years, in select cases.

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Applying for the L-1 visa as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs who wish to move to the US on work are eligible to apply for the L-1 visa. They can use this visa to set-up a branch of their company anywhere in the United States. At its core, the L-1 visa is designed to foster mutually-beneficial economic activity. Any business which can prove that it is profitable will find it easy to get the visa. This is where an L-1 business plan helps. It is a professional business plan which is designed to help start-up owners successfully get the L-1 visa.

The L-1 business plan provides the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services the information they want about your business. It provides insight into your business’s past and your profitability. It shows whether your business will bring the United States any profits or not. Proving that it does, through a professional business plan, can make your L-1 visa application process quick & simple.

At Businessplan.org, we create a data-packed L-1 business plan, which makes a powerful case for your L-1 visa. Our business plan consultants have tremendous experience creating superior-quality L-1business plans. We can help you too. Contact us to know more about our business plan writing service or to buy a business plan.

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As an entrepreneur, you will be most eligible for the L-1A visa – the visa for managers and supervisors. This is because you are considered the primary supervisory authority of your company.  When applying for the L-1A visa, you will need to provide evidence that:

  • Your visit is for a temporary period of time.
  • Your company at home will remain in operation for the time you are in the US.
  • You will return to your home country after the completion of your business assignment.

This is where our business plan service can truly add value to your application. Thousands of start-up owners apply for the L-1A visa each year. Hundreds get their applications rejected. A solid L-1 business plan can prevent your application from heading to the trash. The L-1 business plan we create for you will contain all the pertinent information in a streamlined manner. We will highlight key points about your application, so they are visible at first glance. Making this possible is the task of our business plan writing service.

Before we begin writing, we will sit with you to understand your business. We will analyze the feasibility of your business goals & objectives. We will research to find compelling statistics to prove the profitibility of your start-up. This data will form the basis of your L-1 business plan. Finally, our business plan consultants will advise you on the best way to represent your business. Once the consultations are done, we start drafting your plan. Our business plan writers will write a compelling argument in your favor. This professional business plan will show how profitable your business is in your home country (for market and regional aspects of a business plan see our advisor). It will also show the earnings the US Government can expect from your business as taxes.

Our business plan experts will also include comprehensive, operational information about your start-up. Your material procurement strategies, marketing plans, operational procedures, financing schemes, and investment information will be recorded. Once completed, your professional business plan will leave no room for doubt. It will contain all the data points and information the visa officials will need to evaluate your business.

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