Procedure & Conditions

How does creating a business plan through work?


Step 1: One of our business plan specialists will arrange a telephone conference (or, if you prefer, a personal appointment) with you. During this telephone conference (which will last between 1 and 3 hours), you will discuss your project in detail with two of our business plan experts. After the conference, you may be given a small “homework” assignment (such as creating your resumé, sending pictures/offers, etc.).

Step 2: Based on the information and documents you’ve provided and our expertise, we create a first draft of your business plan and send it to you by email.

Step 3: You then look over this first version of the business plan at your leisure and give us your feedback/comments, as well as request any changes, either via another telephone call or by email. We will then revise the business plan according to your wishes so that you are 100% satisfied.

Step 4: We will have the business plan professionally printed & bound and send you 2 copies by post (more on request). Additionally, you will receive the business plan digitally in Word format so that you can make ongoing adjustments as your project proceeds.

What advantages and guarantees does offer me?


Money-back Guarantee: If financing is rejected due to the quality of our business plan, the entire fee for the business plan creation will be refunded. This guarantee, however, should expressly not be understood as a guarantee that you will get financing, since many factors play a role in that decision that are beyond our control, such as the long-term viability of your project, the fundamental design of your business idea, your financial situation, your personal suitability, etc. We only guarantee a high-quality, consistent business plan.

Satisfaction Guarantee: We will provide as many rounds of corrections as necessary until you are 100% satisfied with your business plan.

Punctuality Guarantee:
Do you already have a bank deadline or a fixed date for submitting your business plan? Tell us when you place your order and we will guarantee delivery of your business plan by this date.

Clarity Guarantee:
Since you need to be able to understand the computations in your business plan (such as for possible bank negotiations), we will work with you to clarify any and all uncertainties or questions you might havet.

On-site Consulting: Once the business plan’s created, it’s time to get going… This is not a time to sit around and wait! If you need support implementing your business idea, we’re here to help! We will use our excellent network of 60 start-up advisers nationwide to find you the kind of help you need.

How much does it cost to have my business plan created by

Business plans are not products you can buy off the shelf. Each business plan is as individual as the project behind it. For this reason, we do not offer package prices; instead, we only make individualized offers. We would be glad to have our specialists prepare an offer for the creation of your individualized business plan—free and with no obligation!

Why do you need the business plan?
To obtain financingTo obtain venture capitalFor visa or immigrationFor investmentsFor personal planningTo convince (potential) business partners

(If the amount of capital required has not yet been determined in detail, please make a rough estimate.)

(Please understand that we can only answer serious inquiries.)

Yes, I accept the terms of the

years of experience in creating professional business plans
customized business plans
consultants with a broad range of expertise in different markets and industries
percent success rate for business plans with a financing volume from 25.000 to
5 Mio. Dollar